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the study of liturgies


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Schattauer Professor of Liturgics and Dean of the Chapel Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa
In all areas of practical theology--ecclesiology, homiletics, liturgics, pastoral counseling, religious education--one question to be asked and reflected on is what the relevant practice of the church means in terms of gender relations.
It will interest students and researchers of chant traditions, Egyptian music, Middle Eastern musics both devotional and more secular, and liturgics.
Miriam Therese Winters in liturgics, Latin-American feminist theologians such as Sr.
Recent years have witnessed an upsurge of interest in what is rapidly becoming a new subfield of ritual studies and liturgics.
Semiotics may be potentially interesting for liturgics, reminding us that liturgy is multi-dimensional, or is like a music score or the script of a play which is brought to life by performance.
It offers a definitive introduction to the first half of the Roman liturgical year, one that will undoubtedly support further research in the field of comparative liturgics.
His approach to sermon writing is to deconstruct texts looking for themes of praxis, liturgics, humor and then waiting on the Holy Spirit to differentiate between good news and his personal thought of the week.
If mission was studied at all, it was usually as part of practical theology, as if it were largely a matter of technique or practical application; or it was offered as a totally separate subject, as if it had little to do with the other "streams", or it was an optional subject, competing with preaching, pastoral counselling, or liturgics for the learners attention.
Scholars interested in patristic biblical interpretation, liturgics, catechesis, and ethics will benefit from this monograph.
The presence of reconciliation language in doctrine, theology and liturgics means that there are resources which can be tapped by the churches to foster processes of reconciliation.
As I prepare to lecture and preach on the readings appointed for Advent, I find myself repeatedly drawn to an introductory essay by Mary Lin Hudson, who teaches homiletics and liturgics at Memphis Theological Seminary.
Gimme de knee-bone bent": liturgics, dance, resistance and a hermeneutics of the knees, Studies in World Christianity 14 (1) 2008, 1-18.
professor of liturgics at New York's General Theological Seminary (Episcopal), situates the contemporary reformed liturgy within postmodern critiques of a theology of suffering a la Walter Lowe and Johann Baptist Metz, especially the charge of Jean-Francois Lyotard that Christianity is guilty of lethal totalizing metanarratives.
The papers represent a wide span of disciplines: biblical studies, philosophy, liturgics, history, literature, pastoral and systematic theology.