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small or little relative to something else


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Tommy Gallagher was a wellrespected forward who represented Swinton in a distinguished playing career," said Littler.
The airfield and its future has been the subject of a long-running dispute between the airfield's owners, the Littler family, the council and aviation businesses based there, including South Warwickshire Flying School.
Regular training sessions on current and developing areas of employment law provided by a dedicated team of experienced Littler attorneys.
Spain responded gamely and held out until the half hour when they covered James Hasson's break but then knocked on, Scott Grix's inside pass putting Littler over between the posts.
Littler, an out-of-work asbestos remover on Jobseeker's Allowance,
Littler has more than 1,000 attorneys in over 70 offices worldwide.
Shortly after that he moved to West Pans near Musselburgh in West Lothian where he traded as "William Littler China-maker", remaining in business until around 1777.
Prior to Littler, Zoe taught internet, privacy, intellectual property, and torts law at Roger Williams University School of Law.
MY heartstrings remained untugged by BBC1's Panorama sob-story about former Amazon employee Adam Littler, who walked 11 miles a day at the company's giant distribution centre in Swansea.
Adam Littler, 23, wore a pedometer to measure the distance he covered during a 10-and-a-half hour shift at a distribution centre.
net PAULINE LITTLER South and West Wales Group, National Service (Royal Air Force) Association
Specimens were identified with the use of specialized literature (Taylor, 1960; Joly, 1967; Earle, 1969; Schneider & Searles, 1991; Flores-Moya & Conde, 1998; Littler & Littler, 2000; Moreira & Suarez, 2002; Sole & Foldats, 2003; Boraso de Zaixso, 2004; Dawes & Mathieson, 2008; Miranda Alves et al.
Littler appears between each segment of this "7,400-mile journey in search of radical and alternative perspectives on the 21st century," his self-conscious Johnny Cash-styled cool--complete with all-black attire, shades, mutton-chop sideburns and honky-tonk theme music--infusing the pic with an unfortunate vanity-project patina.
Matt Littler (and Darren Jeffries) (ex-Hollyoaks, aka Max and OB)
This had been a treasure trove of theatrical costumes, props and sets that had been established by the impresario Emile Littler.