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Elderly members of the audiences approached us afterwards to thank us for highlighting such a little-known aspect of the Holocaust," said adapter and performer David Prince.
Little-known Italian financier and consultant Paolo Alazraki said last week he was working with 16 unidentified investors to study a bid for Alitalia, the first open expression of interest in the carrier.
Rod Bladojevich urging him to delay implementation of a little-known section of the Public Accountancy Act in Illinois that mandates registration for signing and submitting an Illinois tax return on behalf of a client.
LITTLE-KNOWN FACT: They're still based in an old mill.
The story is based on the life of Wulf's mother-in-law and sheds light on a little-known historical circumstance.
However, TIA seems to have been reincarnated as "a little-known system called Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement (ADVISE)," reports the Monitor.
CARSON - David Strettle, little-known even at home little more than a week ago, is the toast of England following his second commanding performance in as many IRB Sevens rugby tournaments.
We also learn how Liszt transmitted his unique pianism to three influential students: Carl Tausig, Hans von Bulow and the little-known Walter Bache.
Both published by special arrangement with the author, the volumes gather his early works and also offer a brief chronology of Roth's life as well as an assortment of notes on the texts, the better to clarify little-known references.
This engaging narrative reveals the little-known story of a man who appeared to control the weather in a way meteorologists still don't understand.
Through his assignments in the Far East while serving with the USAF, and later his position with NASM, Robert Mikesh was able to delve into the little-known, shadowy communities of Japanese design and production.
One little-known Alaskan college is in the national spotlight because of a lawsuit claiming that the school is nothing more than a Bible college that illegally received congressional "pork" funds totaling $1 million.
What comes to mind is the little-known story of Eldad and Medad, found in Numbers 11; it is a story some of those prelates would do well to ponder.
In addition to the continuing core tradition, I hope we have fostered inherited interests in developments of technology and in the other arts related to architecture--and in exploration of little-known places and people, in time as well as space.