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a person who litters public places with refuse

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Se entiende que a mayor grado de complejidad organizacional, debida a la diferenciacion horizontal, vertical y espacial, mayores seran los requerimientos de integracion (Galbraith, 2001; Hall, 1996; Litterer, 1979), lo que lleva a que las organizaciones evaluen los mecanismos mas apropiados que garanticen la coordinacion del trabajo, siendo los mas representativos el ajuste mutuo, la supervision directa y la normalizacion de procesos, de normas, de habilidades y de resultados (Mintzberg, 1984).
People appreciate the investment Waverly Light and Power is making in the community, creating beauty and improving property values, Litterer says.
Corn growers have been successful in achieving higher production and yields through technology and improved agronomic practices in recent years," reports Litterer.
A Review of Research on the Effectiveness of Self-help Litterer Allumbaugh, D.
Lewicki & Litterer (1985) state that the physical environment can contribute to the tone and mood of negotiations, and the anticipated mood of a negotiation can lead parties to prefer one site over another.
Part of the punishment under the 1997 Litter Act includes being publicly named as a litterer.
We are already waging war with the litterer, the graffiti scribbler and the illegal dumper," said Mayor Sharpe James.
Second, as Jelinek and Litterer point out, understanding entrepreneurial activity at the organization level requires ".
A couple of years into the program, follow-up market research revealed that much of the litter on Texas roadways now was "accidental" litter and that the average age of the litterer was a bit higher than before.
If you see a litterer, object very politely (`Excuse me, I think you dropped something').
The former strategy is referred to as distributive (or win-lose) bargaining and the latter as integrative (or win-win) bargaining (Lewicki & Litterer, 1985).
As all who were conscious at that political moment recall, Guthrie deposited the remains of a dinner cooked by one Alice Brock outside a garbage dump on that historic day, found himself arrested by a phalanx of police, and thus, as a felony litterer, was excused from serving in the Vietnam war.
Mariann Jelinek, Joseph Litterer, and Raymond Miles's Organizations by Design: Theory and Practice (Business Publications, Inc.
With the help of CCTV footage, the serial litterer was identified by police and his vehicle was impounded.
We had a litterer last year, but managed to drive him over the border by throwing root vegetables at the felon.