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a coloring material (obtained from lichens) that turns red in acid solutions and blue in alkaline solutions

a test that relies on a single indicator

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I'm pleased to announce that Dominique's passed stage-two of the litmus test as well, with the calzone going down a treat.
The litmus test strategy to block confirmation of John Roberts is now becoming much more evident.
Use this litmus test to help identify business functions to outsource:
The litmus test is whether the province follows its own timeline and presents a less harsh proposal than Lavagna.
It is a shame that he, following after Bishop Weigand: has chosen to make abortion the only litmus test for politicians.
and concentrates on characterization as the litmus test to answer it.
Whether whites will vote for them on the merits of their platforms will be a true litmus test of our Democratic process.
A spokeswoman said: "When it comes to cool parents are still not passing the kids' litmus test.
Once he became president, Lincoln went a step further by making support for the law a litmus test for all potential cabinet appointees, Bennett writes.
The residency was a litmus test for measuring student achievement for Scoggins's program, which is the newest in the area
DeGette, in a harsh response to the disinvitation, criticized the Catholic Church's "apparent litmus test regarding elected officials' views" and concluded that "the fringe politics of abortion have apparently won out.
Liberals could not be confirmed, either, if Republican Senators applied an ideological litmus test.
The litmus test for specificity goes as follows: If Activity A is totally specific to Activity B, then Activity B is totally specific to Activity A.
By the fall of 1986, a good litmus test of where you fell on the art-political spectrum was how you felt about International With Monument.
It is also an economic accounting of how landowners fared as England became both the industrial leader and military defender of a free and democratic world - their homes becoming the litmus test in determining their utility in the brave new world of the twentieth century.