litmus paper

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unsized paper treated with litmus for use as an acid-base indicator

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Obtain plastic cups (one per student), water, lemon juice, blue litmus paper, a 250-ml beaker, a tablespoon, and a timer.
Indeed, the UAE has represented somewhat of a litmus paper for Hyundai's commercial vehicles activities in the Middle East.
Andrew Durski, 12, said using litmus paper to determine acid and base of the suspicious liquids was the most frustrating challenge.
I recall an earlier 'incident' while supervising loadings at a Kwinana jetty--a ship discharging caustic soda for the refineiy rocked in the swell and tore the pipe away, The Sounds marine life playing litmus paper to the shift in pH.
Later, the farmers should check the presence of acid in seeds through litmus paper and against later put the seeds in water tub, he added.
Thomas Friedman's column in The New York Times has in recent years served as a litmus paper when it comes to the Obama administration's stance toward Israel.
The litmus paper is designed to be activated by the unique structure of a protein in whales and dolphins, said Yang Wei-cheng, an associate professor of Taiwan's National Chiayi University who heads the research team.
This is its physical chemistry as measured with litmus paper.
As history is witness to the fact that colonial regimes and the Manila central government have repeatedly done historical wrongs and thrown out their commitments against the Moro people--from the Kiram-Bates treaty to the Tripoli Agreement--the litmus paper test of the pact will be the GPH [Government of the Philippines] sincerity," it added.
FROM late 2010 we have uncritically assumed that Team Anna was overwhelmingly right because it passed the litmus paper test of crowd support.
With all the media attention it received, it has no doubt served as a litmus paper for the government in its handling of human rights and providing a fair trial.
The office supply sector is the best litmus paper for an economy.
Conceptually similar to litmus paper, the color of the Pressurex sensor is directly proportional to the amount of force applied.
CAST your mind back to school chemistry lessons using litmus paper to see if a liquid was acidic or alkaline.
Slim black panels on the corners of the tower work as litmus paper that changes colour depending on how much power is being used in the buildings.