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Synonyms for litigiousness

the quality or state of being argumentative

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a quarrelsome disposition to engage in or carry on lawsuits

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Instead, his pontificate reveals three important twelfth-century trends: the rise of learned law, the professionalization of the courts, and the increasing litigiousness of Western society.
Increased accountability, increased litigiousness in society, increased expectations about health care and the significant increase in the use of social media, all affected nurses' practice.
While non-practicing entities have received notoriety for their litigiousness, recent research shows that they can do considerable damage to startups, as the risk of company-ending lawsuits can discourage investment.
And when traders are snubbed, litigiousness can become almost as large.
The general media often fail to distinguish between adverse events and medical errors, a practice that likely contributes to the high degree of litigiousness experienced by today's medical professions.
Some countries like Canada and Australia have quickly caught up to the United States in terms of D&O litigiousness, Fallon said.
IN ADDITION TO DEBATES ABOUT RACE AND sex, football also has become caught up in the nation's growing litigiousness.
In her breezy but incisive prefatory material, production notes, and endnotes, she attends to many of the vulgar, provocative, and gut-busting ways in which farce "satirizes social life," with her twelve plays exploring themes ranging "[f]rom politics and religion, to learning and litigiousness, to marriage and social class, to theology and sexuality" (xii).
Rather than studying a subset of patents linked by litigiousness or contemporaneous court filings, I study all patent enforcement for a random sample of recently expired patents.
Scientologists are known for their vindictive litigiousness and have the deep pockets to support such undertakings, however meritless they may prove.
Incoming chairman Bob Archer also referenced the litigiousness of the big brewers.
Despite the US safety rules and the increasing litigiousness found on both sides of the Atlantic, roll-over isn't one of the things that car designers think of when their getting into the detailed design of new cars--although there have been noted instances where mass-produced vehicles have proved rather too susceptible to flipping over on bends or tight corners.
In that case, modem-day litigiousness is likely to lead to damaged reputations and significant liabilities from legally defending the entity.
He had the knowledge, credibility, political skills, and toughness to bring about systemic reform at a pivotal time in the history of the courts--the mid 1980s, when the crack epidemic was ravaging our communities and threatening to overwhelm our courts, and when our civil and family court dockets were exploding with the fallout from societal dysfunction, family breakdown, and growing litigiousness.
Terry requested a hearing seeking payment of Workers' Compensation for days missed from work, medical expenses, and an assessment of attorneys' fees under North Carolina law for the hospital's allegedly unfounded litigiousness.