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  • verb

Synonyms for litigate

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

Synonyms for litigate

engage in legal proceedings

institute legal proceedings against

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A question of fact essential to the judgment must have been actually litigated and determined by a valid and final judgment; the same parties must have had a full and fair opportunity to litigate the issue on which the question of fact was based; and there must be mutuality of estoppel.
She has litigated matters involving various state and federal laws, such as the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act/Rosenthal Act, Business & Professions Code Section 17200, and various consumer protection laws.
demonstrated that litigated patents have significantly different
As the Clendenin Brothers court observed, "We expect that, our decision notwithstanding, interpretation of the scope of pollution exclusion clauses likely will continue to be ardently litigated throughout state and federal courts.
Judges now look for a better fit between scientific evidence and the issue being litigated, says Joe S.
Yet, in order to be a registry attorney, one need never have litigated a capital trial or appeal.
Among other things, GAO was asked to determine (1) the number of decisions involving fuels reduction activities and the number of acres affected, (2) the number of decisions that were appealed and/or litigated and the number of acres affected, (3) the outcomes of appealed and/or litigated decisions, and (4) the number of appeals that were processed within prescribed time frames.
Career Highlights: Shaw has litigated civil rights cases throughout the country at the trial and appellate levels, and in the Supreme Court.
Davey's case is being litigated by the American Center for Law and Justice, a legal group founded by TV preacher Pat Robertson.
41) All of these fines have been agreed to by guilty pleas, so no one has yet litigated what must be shown in terms of gain or loss to justify such a fine.
I have litigated individual quality of care cases for patients against HMOs.
Bono might have been entitled to an additional $3,000 ($500 for demonstrating entitlement plus $2,500 for proving the amount) for having litigated the issue of attorneys' fees.
But other reports from England suggest that big institutions that get sued, eager to close the books on their own liability and avoid further legal process, are commonly glad to settle with a losing individual plaintiff for a token fee payment or none, especially if they feel he has litigated in good faith; these defendants nonetheless credit the rule as a strong deterrent to unfounded suits against them.