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  • verb

Synonyms for litigate

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

Synonyms for litigate

engage in legal proceedings

institute legal proceedings against

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By saying that you must know if your company is "willing" to litigate, I mean that even if you believe you are able to litigate an issue, you must know if the potential risks of litigation--including but not limited to the risk of losing--are such that your company is willing to bear the economic consequences of the tax, interest, and any penalty that may be asserted by the IRS as well as the publicity and reputational risks to the company of litigating.
Do these actions establish momentum among lawyers who litigate against HMOs?
By selecting the right premium fraud cases to litigate and litigating a case to win.
If the ABA wants a genuine example of a "tax on the right to litigate," there it is.
1988) (the IRS "may not choose to litigate against the officially published rulings .
Other corporations litigate endlessly to resist changing work environments that are obviously dangerous, she charges.
So he says Cushman & Wakefield is asking for more than they are entitled to, and that is one of the reasons the tenant needs to litigate.
The role of the defense team in defending high-damage litigation is not merely to practice law, litigate, or undertake discovery.
Now, we litigate because we know it is effective, but you can't litigate alone.
The court found that the prisoner chose to litigate his claim in state court, where he was fully compensated for his injuries.
According to the notice, the IRS has concluded that "it is an inefficient use of resources to litigate certain transaction cost issues while in the process of proposing regulations that may ultimately allow a current deduction for such costs.
Commissioner (114 TC 354 (2000)), the taxpayer's spouse sought and was granted section 6015(c) relief from a joint tax deficiency; the taxpayer had argued he had the right under section 6015(e)(4) to litigate the IRS's decision to grant such relief.
It is uncertain, however, whether the FSA position will prevail if litigated or whether the Service will ever litigate this position.