lithotomy position

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a position lying on your back with knees bent and thighs apart

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2015), The levels and duration of sensory and motor blockades of spinal anesthesia in obese patients that underwent urological operations in the lithotomy position.
All patients were put in the lithotomy position and a sterile bivalve speculum was introduced into the vagina for visualization of the cervix.
Perioperative care of the morbidly obese in the lithotomy position.
In asymptomatic cases, symptoms may start in later years with the carrying of heavy loads, excessive exercise, lithotomy position, childbirth, or spinal trauma.
Girls need draping and lithotomy position for a proper exam.
All procedures were completed laparoscopically with the patient in the modified lithotomy position and the surgeon standing between the patient's legs.
All 5 operations were carried out under general anaesthesia with the patient in the lithotomy position, the surgeon standing between the legs of the patient and the camera assistant standing on the patient's right.
After securing all invasive lines and the endotracheal tube, the patient is placed initially in the lithotomy position and subsequently in the steep Trendelenburg position (5,31).
The first basic surgical principle for VVF repair was described in 1663 by Hedrick, who stressed the use of speculum and lithotomy position to gain adequate exposure and denudation of margins of fistula with reaproximation of 7 edges ; however the first reported surgical cure of 8 VVF documented back to 1852 by Maram Sims.
In the lithotomy position there is a decrease of 20% CO and a compensatory increase in heart rate, which does not have time to return to its original level.
At the begining of the procedure, renal pillows were located under the ipsilateral side, and ureteral catheters were placed in lithotomy position.
After subdural anesthesia, the patients in the MSP group were placed in lithotomy position.
With the patient in the lithotomy position the lesion was excised in its entirety using careful dissection between the anal sphincters.