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the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantle

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6 earthquake off the east coast of the Philippines occurred as a result of reverse faulting within the oceanic lithosphere of the Philippines Sea plate.
They are: the Arabian plate lithosphere and boundaries, the sedimentary cover of the Arabian plate, hydrocarbon systems of Arabia and ophiolite genesis and the Oman Mountains and environment and water resources.
Even the planet's outer skin, or lithosphere, has been transformed.
Among their topics are seismic imaging of the lithosphere structure of the Zagros mountain belt, new magnetic fabric data and their comparison with palaeo-stress markers in the Western Fars Arc and their tectonic implications, insights from sand box models on the structure of the Mountain Front Flexure along the Anaran anticline in the Pusht-e Kuh Arc, the influence of Late Cretaceous tectonic processes on sedimentation patterns along the northeastern Arabian plate margin, and spatial and temporal diagenetic evolution of syntectonic sediments in a pulsatory uplifted coastal escarpment as revealed in the Plio-Pleistocene Makran subduction zone.
On large time scales the Earth's lithosphere exhibit a regional behavior, thus it tends to experiment flexure, due to the loads.
Her research focuses on the origin and evolution of the continents, particularly the lower continental crust and the underlying mantle lithosphere.
specifically within the 200 kilometers of the continental lithosphere.
This mechanism is seen to be at work in a "lithosphere-astenosphere" system which has the density inversion between the lithosphere and astenosphere.
Seismic tomography shows there is a deep high velocity anomaly in the lower mantle beneath SE Asia interpreted as subducted lithosphere but it can be explained just as well by alternative tectonic models as by the indentor model.
Thusly, hydride dissociation and oxidation above a steadily degassing inner geosphere originated the lithosphere and continue to maintain it.
This might be because the lithosphere is thick enough to support the ice.
lherzolite from the diamond window of lithosphere beneath Lac De Gras.
The researchers are using magnetic and electrical surveying equipment to peer 300 kilometers (186 miles) into the deep structure of Earth's crust and lithosphere to learn how it formed and why diamonds are often found in these old regions.
Our discovery marks an exciting stage in earth science research as it provides the possibility to test the debated issue of whole mantle convection, the largely unconstrained heat flow from the earth's core to the mantle and the fate of the subducted lithosphere with seismic data.