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the solid part of the earth consisting of the crust and outer mantle

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Nearly 25 percent of earthquakes occur more than 50 kilometers below the Earth's surface, when one tectonic plate slides below another, in a region called the lithosphere.
Deep seismic reflection profiling is one of the internationally recognized advanced techniques that can reveal the fine structure of continental lithosphere.
Once it infiltrates the stronger lithosphere, it solidifies, making the brittle crust and uppermost mantle heavy enough to break away and sink.
Two years ago, Roy and her colleagues described an alternate theory to explain plateau uplift, in which the lithosphere warmed but did not drip.
Huismans and Beaumont present some vividly illustrated examples of the variety of both symmetrical and asymmetrical responses to variable lithosphere rheology and rifting velocity, and transformation from one form to the other during deformation.
2000, Monitoring of uppermost lithosphere layer changes in the Snieznik Klodzki Massif, Sci.
Thus, it appears that persistent slip on a fault occurs while the spreading axis is relatively cold, but that when magmatism is renewed, it heats and weakens the lithosphere, new faults form, and the long-lived fault is abandoned.
The aim of ATUNE is to develop novel full-spectrum techniques and apply them to Earth~s long period free oscillations to observe global-scale regional variations in seismic attenuation from the lithosphere to the core mantle boundary.
The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (or equivalently the lithosphere thickness) shown in Figure 12 (middle), has been computed from the 3D S-velocity structure, calculated in the present study and represented by the 2D S-velocity mapping shown in Figure 9, considering for each point of the study area the depth in which the S-velocity starts to decrease with depth.
The seventh edition of this textbook on modern cartography includes a new section on map interpretation that includes coverage of interpreting the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, the human landscape, and maps and reality.
Relic Neo-Tethyan oceanic lithosphere has been preserved in the IYZSZ as the discontinuous Ladakh and Yarlung Zangbo Ophiolites (YZO).
Cratons typically are two or three times as thick as oceanic lithosphere.
Eleven papers from an October 2007 conference examine the origin of oceanic basins and processes that contribute to horizontal extension of the continental lithosphere.
Ophiolites were equated with oceanic lithosphere that was created at mid-ocean ridges.
Acta geodynamica et geomaterialia are devoted to geodynamics of the upper part of Earth's crust and relations between natural factors and human activity (local natural and induced seismic activities, an earthquake hazard, natural slope stability, physical properties of rocks), geophysical and geological investigations of lithosphere, especially tectonics, engineering and geomechanical aspects.