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In the study sequence of the lithophytic Vriesea of Minas Gerais State, a new species and its putative closest relative, which is a poorly known taxon now introduced in cultivation, are presented here.
Cockell, C.S., Lee, P., Broady, P., Lim, D.S.S., Osinski, G.R., Parnell, J., Koeberl, C., Pesonen, L.J., and Salminen, J., 2005, Effects of asteroid and comet impacts on habitats for lithophytic organisms--A synthesis: Meteoritics and Planetary Science, v.
Most of the species in the genus are terrestrial, and a few ones are epiphytic or lithophytic. The terrestrial species occupy a broad range of habitats, from dry rocky slopes to wet meadows.
Inshore areas supported sparse populations of two lithophytic filamentous algae, Stigeoclonium sp.
Lithophytic rosulated herbs to 1.5 m high; leaves yellowish red, narrowly triangular, squarrose, sheaths lustrous and dark brown on both surfaces, blades glabrous adaxially, densely appressed lepidote and regularly ribbed abaxially; inflorescence terminal; staminate inflorescences twice branched; pistillate inflorescences once or rarely twice branched; staminate flowers white; pistillate flowers white to rose colored, reflexed in anthesis, petals ascendant in anthesis; filaments in the male flowers 3-3.2 mm long, anthers yellow, ca.
Wu commented, are that populations of many of the terrestrial and lithophytic orchids are extremely large.
The species of this genus are terrestrial, lithophytic or epiphytic, generally stout, with a rosetted habit, leaves with spiny or saw-like margins, elongated scape, generally with colored bracts and small showy flowers arranged in simple or compound inflorescences, sepals free or united, asymmetric, mucronated, petals free and equal, inferior ovary, fruit a berry.