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the branch of geology that studies rocks: their origin and formation and mineral composition and classification

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In a paper published in 1990 Evans and Hayward showed that while the broad lithologic patterns were simple, "the displaced units are locally internally complex (Evans & Hayward, 1990, p.
Based on the application of geostatistical image texture in lithologic classification.
The lithologic substratum is mainly made up of Neogene marine sediments (marl, argil, gravel, grit stone, and limestone) and, in various places, of continental Quaternary deposits generated by their sedimentary or fluvial reshufflings.
Based on the lithologic log shown in Figure 2, hydraulic parameters were estimated by referring to Wang (2000) for the typical values of different lithologies.
It also contributes useful evidence about the tectonic activity as well as lithologic structure of the watershed basin (Khan 2002).
The spatial variations in water chemistry are related to changes in lithologic and hydrologic settings, as well as anthropogenic disturbances (Moskovchenko et al.
Mineralization is located within and associated with a metasedimentary lithologic corridor, bounded to the south by the PL-3B basement electromagnetic conductor.
The Lucaogou Formation manifests an apparent sedimentary rhythm, and from bottom to top six segments can be distinguished according to lithologic character: dolostone ([P.
However, this trend is disrupted by lithologic and tectonic factor importance increase.
K(a): The lithologic factor K(a) map was based on 1:200,000 geological map vectored.
A transcription of the lithologic log to Excel[TM] indicated that the Cannonball Formation was from approximately 200 to 600 ft (61-183 m).
Elements and minerals associated with these rock types were mapped using reflectance ratios typically used in ASTER-based lithologic mapping of desert regions.
This lithologic package appears to be parallel along strike to the ~073A oriented basement EM conductor identified from airborne and ground geophysics surveys.