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a method of planographic printing from a metal or stone surface

the act of making a lithographic print

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is a very superior article to the old paper, particularly for books, but a prejudice still prevails in favour of the old paper with lines, which obliges manufacturers still to make it, though by no means so fine or good as the wove." (29) The French lithographer Antoine Raucourt stated in (1820) that "vellum [i.e., wove] paper is the best for lithography ...
Representations of the Golden Gate proliferated in the artistic, literary, and commercial spheres as painters, poets, and lithographers revealed a new landscape populated by ships, a growing port city, abundant waters, and golden sunsets.
Holzer makes a strong case for European interest in the American president and the Civil War by reminding readers that lithographers created images for economic gain and not at the behest of governments.
"Labeling America: Popular Culture on Cigar Box Labels" is a walk through history via cigar boxes as John Grossman gives readers a tour of the art of George Schlegel Lithographers from 1849-1971, showing the advancement of the American ideal, showing the technical process behind the labeling and much more.
In Europe, few printing companies were as noted as the German lithographers Adolph Friedlander and sons.
The indexing of the volume is divided into three sections: authors, illustrators, and titles, with selected subjects; booksellers, printers, engravers, and lithographers; and the archive.
His business boomed with invoices, letterheads, and other commercial work, including stock certificates that were printed by letterpress until lithographers came along.
(1983): The Lithographers Manual, GATF, ISBN: 088362169X Pittsburgh
According to the Davidson bible, Sam Brown was educated Davenport at Liverpool College and apprenticed to a firm of lithographers at the age of 14.
The earlier plates, including the depiction of MS, have a notation saying they were printed by 'lithographers to the King', indicating they were done before 1836 and printed before June 1837 when Queen Victoria took the throne.
Severeyns, one of the most prominent lithographers in 19th century Belgium who started in 1829 a firm that would become the leading printing-establishment in that country.
During the late 19th century printers, engravers and lithographers challenged traditional design by introducing exotic images and quirky typefaces known as 'artistic' style.
I remember taking some people over to the Amalgamated Lithographers of America as part of an E.A.T.
Printing was left to the great lithographers, George Miller and his son, Burr Miller, who printed all of Wengenroth's 369 lithographs."