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Synonyms for lithograph

a print produced by lithography

duplicator that prints by lithography

make by lithography

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Drawing on the Kroller-Muller's own leading collection of Redon's lithographs, pastels, prints, and paintings, and also borrowing substantially from museums and private collections elsewhere, the exhibition emphasises Redon's eagerness to reinterpret not only literary texts and music, but also scientific writing and the work of other visual artists.
It also causes the image to be slightly indented into the surface of the paper, effectively creating a border around it, which is a particular feature of a lithograph.
An example was Gericault's 1823 lithograph of Mazeppa, which captured the strength and struggle of the young Ivan Mazepa, a Ukrainian Cossack who was tied backwards on a wild horse as punishment for adultery with Madame Falbowska.
The lithograph, titled "Femme au Chignon," or "Woman With Bun," was at the center of a bizarre heist in May 2012 after local police said more than 100 teenagers had broken into Lazarenko's mansion and held an alcohol-fueled party, The Marin Independent Journal reported.
He and James Hall (1793-1868), a lawyer and author, created the aforementioned book using the paintings as "models" for the lithographs.
However the lithographs can be bought for around 2,500 pounds," the rep added.
Best of all, each description is accompanied by a corresponding thumbnail image, leaving no doubt about which lithograph is identified and described.
We hope others will follow our lead and make the choice as well," said Shawn Pereira, vice president of sales and marketing of Spectrum Lithograph, Inc.
Verve Lithographs for the Bible, color lithograph, 13 3/4" x 10 5/16"
His book, Making a Lithograph, was published in 1936.
The first lithograph made in this group, #100, was done at Collectors Press, San Francisco.
One such optical origination technology is based on electron (e-) beam, the key features of which are its wide range of synthesizable security features, the high cost of the equipment, its complexity and limited use (only two companies manufacture and sell equipment for electron-beam lithography--Jeol and Leica--and a modern e-beam lithograph costs several million dollars).
Today, 156 years later, at the National Museum of Interventions, students touring the galleries still gasp at a lithograph hanging next to an American flag.
Then there's a favorite of his: a limited-edition lithograph of an old Verizon phone book cover.