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the formation of stones (calculi) in an internal organ

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The primary reasons for calling remain lithiasis and hematuria even though algorithms and workshops on these subjects have been largely distributed.
Despite the fact that urolithiasis is a multidisciplinary pathology, general practitioners play the most essential role in simplifying and optimising the management of lithiasis.
The medical records of lithiasis patients were examined in relation to occupation and stone samples of battery recycling workers collected for study purposes.
Additionally, exposure to chemical compounds, such as naphthenic acids, primary sclerosing cholangitis, anabolic steroids, ulcerative colitis, intrahepatic lithiasis, Caroli disease and multiple liver cysts are other recognized predisposing factors for the development of cholangiocarcinomas in humans (AL-BAHRANI et al.
In some cases, not only are the accidents due to its abuse are considered, but also the increase in the incidence of some morbidity conditions directly associated to absenteeism such as, for example, urinary lithiasis (6).
While in 1997 the American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines recommended ESWL for lithiasis of the lumbar ureter with a stone size below 1 cm as the first line treatment, and for stones of the distal ureter either URS or ESWL, 10 years later the AUA and EAU guidelines suggested the superiority of ureteroscopy for all types of lithiasis regardless of the size or position, except for lumbar ureteral stone size below 1 cm.
In addition, Pb exposure has provoked weak tubular necrosis and tubular microcalcification; it is the beginning of lithiasis, which supposed to come from metabolic disturbances.
The prevalence of nephro lithiasis in Atlanta was almost two times greater than in Los Angeles, but the mean annual temperature of both Atlanta and Los Angeles was 17[degrees]C.
Sonnets have been written about the severity of renal lithiasis colic.
In addition, the hospital will feature a number of specialised units, including a theatre for cardiac catheterisation, two rooms for performing upper and lower laparoscopic procedures and a theater for endoscopic treatment of renal lithiasis (kidney stones).
hallucinations, vertigo, insomnia, nightmares, depression, phobia), peripheral neuropathy (PN), rash, GI (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), liver (liver enzymes increase, hyperbilirubinemia, jaundice), renal (creatinine clearance decrease, serum creatinine increase, proteinuria, lithiasis, acute renal failure) and metabolic (dyslipidemia and lipodystrophy).
The clinical efficacy of Kalanchoe pinnata in treatment of lithiasis has been shown [13]; the Kaviraj also used the plant for treatment of kidney stones.
The EAU 2013 guidelines mention that before an intervention for lithiasis all patients should have investigations to detect urinary infection.
Objective: Bladder augmentation with uroepithelium lined material yields an absence of mucus production, with reduced possibility of urinary infection and lithiasis.
Another herb, Orthosiphon stamineus, has been used to treat urinary lithiasis, edema, eruptive fever, influenza, rheumatism, hepatitis, jaundice and biliary lithiasis (Akowuah et al.