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the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple

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However, we''re 9) 82 Low-security prison (9) 87 Take away all control (10) 89 Paramount, unmatched (7) 91 Tufts of thread (7) 92 Feeling of ill-will (10) 99 Shellfish yielding mother-of-pearl (7) 100 Litheness (7) 102 Win affection (6) 103 Uncommon object (6) we''re not going to give you all the solutions, 104 Architect, Charles - - -Mackintosh (6) 106 Blindly obstinate follower (5) 108 Astound (5) 110 Horse''s irons footplate (4) 111 Resort on the French Riviera (4) 113 Husband''s partner (4) 114 Play wildly (4) you still need to get the clue to Just send your completed grid, with a note of your name and address, to: FUNDAY PUZZLER BIG XWORD, PO BOX 901, GLASGOW G9 2BD.
As balance and litheness were essential to the FR-S philosophy, engineers included weight-saving components like an aluminum hood and trunk (a hatchback design was axed for rigidity's sake).
The litheness, the concentrated fierceness in the way his small hands grip the ruckled bark of the cottonwood.
I see her motherhood in those hands: the certainty, the litheness, the care.
As befits such a tale of robust but graceful horses Lester's illustrations move with a rare solidarity yet a litheness that matches the rhythm and lilt of the prose.
This approach, aided by the vocal litheness of the Choral Society, adds a great deal to the effectiveness of today's performances of Messiah, although - just a thought - it would be interesting if the Society, perhaps as part of its 175th anniversary celebrations, reverted for one year only to a traditional approach, using the Mozart orchestration even.
Like a pack of chameleons, this Montreal-based troupe slithers between genres, softening the hard edge of B-boying with contemporary release and the litheness of ballet.
For him, I can glimpse the litheness of his person as he creates some masterpiece or other.
Jamie Bond excelled as the Joker in John Cranko's quirky take on Stravinsky's Jeu de cartes, and in a beautifully-played Andante from Shostakovich's Second Piano Concerto (Jonathan Higgins the soloist) perfectly matched the poetry-in-motion litheness of Jenna Roberts.
Enjoy the rich brightness of a busy set, with lights strewn around the whole auditorium, wallow in the Lloyd Webber music - in which the hit Memory isn't unduly flogged - and marvel at the litheness of the dancers and the clarity of the voices.
Leonard Woolf is attracted to the 'earthiness' of the Sinhalese, who 'retain something of the litheness and beauty of jungle animals'.
Valera, with litheness and extraordinary subtlety, sets forth a variety of human emotions that, while radically different in appearance, share one origin: they are aroused by an Other, by the ambivalent and contradictory relationship in which that Other is at the same time God and the devil himself, both admired and loathed.