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the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple

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Iran has shown great litheness in advancing its strategy in the Middle East, and one needn't descend into conspiracy theory to argue that Rouhani likely shares many of the intentions of his more hardline rivals in Iran.
It's a great introduction to the lightness and litheness that surrealism affords artists and an excellent example of this art movement's ubiquitous influence.
In this, his references to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland continue to posit an opposition between the litheness of Alice's creator and Artonin Artaud's depth-intensive approach to the practised art of nonsense.
It's easy to be in awe of their phenomenal litheness and agility, but what I really was blown away by was their impeccable comedic timing.
Remote video storage space options give extra litheness through the cloud for the long-term retention of critical event videos.
Miscast in the era of actress Jane Russell's va-va-voom curves, Ephron's lifelong nagging fear of being flat-chested contrasts with the current era in which litheness is the reigning taste and tabula rasa of fashion.
Her absorption moment, the litheness of her form and the fluid lines of the photo connect her solitary twirl with the symphonic movements of the makers of indigo.
It portrays not a classically elegant tutu-clad beauty, but one of Roberts' tubular men lunging with simian litheness towards a pit containing a crowd of revellers, who shout, cheer, clap and pout at the figure on stage.
Emerging teaching models combine the best of classroom methods with the litheness of online learning to offer more pathways to learning for more students.
com)-- “This project will bring about most important effectiveness to Trillium Advisory Firm and the industry, reforming processes, purging redundancies and engendering superior operational litheness,” said Eddie Conrad, Trillium Advisory Firm managing director of Operations and Customer Service.
However, we''re 9) 82 Low-security prison (9) 87 Take away all control (10) 89 Paramount, unmatched (7) 91 Tufts of thread (7) 92 Feeling of ill-will (10) 99 Shellfish yielding mother-of-pearl (7) 100 Litheness (7) 102 Win affection (6) 103 Uncommon object (6) we''re not going to give you all the solutions, 104 Architect, Charles - - -Mackintosh (6) 106 Blindly obstinate follower (5) 108 Astound (5) 110 Horse''s irons footplate (4) 111 Resort on the French Riviera (4) 113 Husband''s partner (4) 114 Play wildly (4) you still need to get the clue to Just send your completed grid, with a note of your name and address, to: FUNDAY PUZZLER BIG XWORD, PO BOX 901, GLASGOW G9 2BD.
In fact, the more prized quality would have been a certain nimbleness and litheness of mind, the ability to approach and solve a problem from hitherto unconsidered angles.
As balance and litheness were essential to the FR-S philosophy, engineers included weight-saving components like an aluminum hood and trunk (a hatchback design was axed for rigidity's sake).
The litheness, the concentrated fierceness in the way his small hands grip the ruckled bark of the cottonwood.
I see her motherhood in those hands: the certainty, the litheness, the care.