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a mediocre and disdained writer

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It is still something of a mystery why they stuck to literary hack work instead of looking for better-paid jobs when it became clear that they would not be able to earn a living from writing novels.
Here, Thackeray implies a recognition of the problem of reconciling the narrative form of the Bildungsroman with the alienated mechanical labor of the literary hack.
Carlyle could, of course, afford to disdain the "canaille" who did literary hack work now that his income from literature was secure.
Its purpose was to ridicule pretentious erudition and scholarly jargon through the person of a fictitious literary hack, Martinus Scriblerus (whose surname was a pseudo-Latin coinage signifying "a writer").
Consequently, his memoir Arguments with England has the advantage of being encased in a brisk, fluent and elegant prose--which is more than one can say for a lot of autobiographies written by nonprofessional authors (or crafted by "as told to" literary hacks who desperately try to intuit themselves into alien personalities).
A number of writers, mainly literary hacks, had been living by their pens, however meagerly, by the time Jonson arrived on the scene.
Grub Street The world of literary hacks, or usually mediocre, needy writers who write for hire.