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a style of expressing yourself in writing

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Some authors shy away from this literary genre, while others have embraced it as the future of fiction.
Flis' study focuses predominantly on the reappearance of the form in 1960s America for "it is in the United States that this particular literary genre or style of writing has developed in a truly versatile and abundant way" (2010: 2).
56 Strictly speaking, exclusion is unavoidable; a single text cannot include instances of every possible literary genre.
D'Elia examines the structural accord between literary genres and Titian's production, following an organic development from small, intimate works in the pastoral mode at the early stages of his career, through the large-scale, public, epic subjects of his old age.
So perhaps we should resist assigning The Time Traveler's Wife to the literary genre, with a decadent or exhausted science-fiction idea as its dominant metaphor, and instead consider it as an example of another, hybrid form.
So, too, did his commitment to the short story, the literary genre in which he is clearly very comfortable.
Walpole's fusion of the exotic and the supernatural may have been original enough to start an enduring literary genre, but his overblown dialogue and silly characters reduced this novel in print to little more than an academic footnote for generations.
But he wasn't big on allegory as a literary genre because he found it pedantic.
A "spin-off" Christian literary genre was collections of Sayings of the Desert Fathers, very popular in Byzantium; Benedicta Ward (Penguin 2003) translates one set.
Finn cites various contexts, the most intriguing being fictional representations of lawyers, a favorite late eighteenth-century literary genre.
The 89-year-old, whose home town in Brecon, is credited with establishing Welsh writing in English as a distinctive literary genre.
But they do have a story that explains how two struggling New York actors tried their hand at the literary genre often described as the most difficult to master.
Rather, this book belongs to another literary genre altogether, the genre of theology of history, in which the narrow, rigid, moralistic, militaristic, and manipulative ideology of Fundamentalism guides the identification, selection, and interpretation of the sources for this history.
Organization Theory as a Literary Genre provides an alternative perspective on organization studies from an approach that draws on narrative, literary theory, cultural studies, and anthropology, rather than on positivist social science.
The correlation between autobiography and the funerary space gives this literary genre a unique dimension, which is that of eternity.