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Wolf had accused renowned literary critic and Yale professor of humanities, Harold Bloom, 87, of sexual misconduct while she was a senior at the university in 1983.
Lukacs is one of the few Marxist literary critics of the interwar period whose work remains influential (and devoid of the dreariness of much doctrinaire Marxist literary criticism).
Milosz Like the World": Poet in the Eyes of Polish Literary Critics
I also do this because I am a literary critic who subscribes to reader response theory.
She was a formerly influential New York literary critic and novelist who, like Lane, ended her public career with a work of uncompromisingly libertarian nonfiction published in the midst of war collectivism, after a decade of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal had made classical liberalism dangerously out of touch with the zeitgeist.
Christ and Apollo evaluates these traits with articulate philosophical reasoning, and educated author and literary critic William F.
He recounts his friendship with the famous Chilean literary critic Farewell, the time he met Pablo Neruda, and his tour through Europe to investigate the deteriorating churches, but at the dark heart of this novel are Lacroix's interactions with Pinochet and the happenings that occur in the basement of a Pinochet sympathizer during numerous literary house parties.
The wealth of this collection is largely in the variety of its sources, fruit of Dance's labors as both literary critic and folklorist.
Young's on the American literary critic and theorist Stanley Fish--are the latest installments.
Jim Broadbent, meanwhile, boosted his Oscar chances considerably, winning the supporting actor award for his turn as the literary critic John Bayley, another sympathetic, long-suffering spouse (notice a trend here?
Stewart operates on the one hand with the idealized monolith of modernism that was mythopoetized after its formation and on the other hand with the intellectual ideals of the eighteenth century, in itself a paradoxical, but not untypical position for a literary critic.
In the course of going through his official roster of ex-friendships he also mentions that he has feuded with many other people, from Jackie Onassis to Nathan Glazer, and that as a young literary critic he was known for usually being on the attack.
Essayist, philosopher, and literary critic, a leading champion of the cause of intellectual freedom in Brazil.
It is a pleasure to read a literary critic so historically informed.
1811 - 1848) Russian literary critic and journalist.