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Although Poe and the contributors to Blackwood's from 1830 through 1840 deal with different texts in applying a standard of simplicity, both advance its basic validity and viability within the context of literary composition.
Poe the Gothic Romanticist and Twain the incipient Realist of Huckleberry, Finn appear to put aside any possible temperamental proclivities as artists and declare in no uncertain terms what they feel to be poor literary composition.
Founded in 1060 by ten writers and mathematicians interested in problems of literary form, and more particularly in "restrictive" methods of literary composition, the Oulipo now includes thirty-one members.
But even as the letter was being banished to the prehistory of literary composition, it was taking on a new literary role as marker of literary antiquity in late nineteenth-century novels.
But for literary studies in the university the central meaning would seem to be simply a literary composition (often plural, the c so notes) viewed in relation to its author (e.
There is, therefore, a strong connection between memory and literary composition.
In imitating Thomas, Gottfried is attempting to match his artistry in the facets of literary composition that will matter to his implied clerical reader.
While Mehdi Zana sits at his desk fighting with the problems of literary composition, his wife, Leyla, is also struggling to get the first major literary project of her life onto paper.
At the same time the author has contributed to new ways in which the study of literary composition sheds light on conceptions of emotion and reasoning, subverting our easy assumptions about religion and secularization.
The GBP5,000 prize, which is funded by a legacy from Graham who would have been 100 years old this year, will be awarded to the writer of an unpublished work of historical literary composition which is associated with Cornwall.
Mack suggests that Islam has encouraged, rather than discouraged, literary composition among women (4).
The word "composer", apart from denoting only a mental process of putting together ideas/words, has the advantage of suggesting a certain relationship with musical composition, which is a valid association in that an oral literary composition is, besides other things, a structure of sounds (speech-sounds', and is therefore, assumed to have in Indian literary theory "an appeal for the ear", aural-interest, sravya, which is one of the two major attributes of any literary composition, preksa or visual interest, being the other.
asked of every literary composition," and a coda straight out of the genre of saints' lives in which the virtues of listening to the tale include victory in battle, fertility in marriage, and protection from fire.
Anyone should be able to find a genre, literary composition or aspect of Sor Juana's life that would be interesting for him or her to teach.
This realization challenges conventional understandings of literary composition and publication as we learn to appreciate that the elements of composition in antiquity were not letters or even words, but sounds.