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a summary of the subject or plot of a literary work or play or movie


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The easy, collaborative re solution of this long-standing literary argument suggests that while Sidney dominates, fulfills, and supersedes the female literary and intellectual tradition which the pagan goddesses represent, she is also shaped and enriched by this history.
The literary argument that Wallace makes about Chaucer is thus twofold: Chaucer can be profitably read in relation to his Italian predecessors, and, in turn, the study of Chaucer can provide significant resources and points of departure for the exploration of his predecessors in light of the political contexts of England and Italy.
Agreeing, the jury used the very French post-Structuralist literary argument that the complex 'raises important questions about the role of ornament in the age of media.
Although the literary arguments are less than conclusive inasmuch as the stylistic quirks of famous schoolmasters tend to be widely shared, the total accumulation of circumstantial evidence is convincing.
And I am not entirely convinced by van Keulen's source division in 2 Kgs 21:1-18, though his literary arguments are carefully formulated.