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an agent who represents an author in dealings with publishers

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She's his literary agent and joked that perhaps she'd be working for me in the future.
Literary agent Mr Beren said: "David is an incredibly talented writer, and the UK literary scene's loss is America's gain.
In the article, Susan Mary Malone states: “The old saying goes in this business that it's tougher to get a good literary agent than to make a sale to a publisher.
Literary agent Lew Weitzman, who founded Preferred Artists Agency and worked with numerous Hollywood clients, died June 30.
According to documents filed in a New York federal court on Friday, the 87-year-old has accused the son in-law of her former literary agent of taking advantage of her deteriorating health seven years ago and tricking her into assigning him the copyright to her only published novel, the Herald Sun reported.
EVENT Literary agent Julia Churchill, and Barry Cunningham who runs a publishing house
With the changes in today's publishing industry, the disruption of Amazon and e-books, the role of a literary agent to an author is no longer as critical as it was when I first started on this road.
While DGLM was firm in stating that its new epublishing services are in line with its role as a literary agent, other agencies clearly have crossed over into the role of publisher--a move that some view as a conflict of interest since an agent traditionally works with a publisher in the best interest of the author.
A spokesperson for Rowling says the author's professional breakup with her literary agent was "a painful decision" and that Rowling had sought "a different outcome.
Entries can be submitted from anywhere in the world and must be submitted by a publisher, editor, literary agent, or in the case of film scripts and stage plays, by the producer.
Strothman, a literary agent, founded the Strothman Agency and previously had been publisher of trade and reference books at Houghton Mifflin as well as publisher at Beacon Press.
Q I am looking for a literary agent who handles children's books.
Taking a job as a reader to a literary agent, her first assignment is to read a novel by a mysterious Scottish author, Aziz Z.
The Professional Literary Agent in Britain, 1880-1920.
When author Miles Kington was told he had only months to live, he embarked on a series of letters to his literary agent and friend Gill in which he proposed absurd ideas for a new book--this one--on cancer.