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Just as he is doubly humiliated at having ashes instead of parents and at his ineffectual, paralyzed dispersal of them, so too Sarah's "knowing" literalizes his helpless inaccessibility to the event.
In its focus on Jennifer as the central protagonist and most effective corporate crime-fighting agent, the narrative promotes individualism and literalizes the sovereign subject.
14) Joe and Joanna's relationship literalizes Helene Cixous's theory that" [i]f man operates under the threat of castration," then the "backlash, the return, on women of this castration anxiety is its displacement as decapitation, execution, of woman, as loss of her head" ("Castration or Decapitations?
Hopkins literalizes here what Du Bois talks of in reference to world history: "The shadow of a mighty Negro past flits through the tale of Ethiopia the Shadowy and of Egypt the Sphinx" (Du Bois, Souls 3).
An image of an open cardboard box ringed by layers of gossamer tissue paper, the painting literalizes the skirmish between illusionistic depth and surface texture or transparency.
Here Kafka's words stain, and are also elided by, the pure negative space of the page, which literalizes, even materializes, the spiritual world.
Morrison literalizes this "slipperiness" through the many references to fluids (morning water, tears, sweat, sea, storms, rain, and blue water) in Beloved's brief narrative passage.
Rivane Neuenschwander's installation 0 trabalho dos digs (Day's Work), 1998, literalizes Cage's argument that Rauschenberg's monochromes are screens for everyday experience.
The scene in which Arvay is stuck in the bathroom when one of her eugenically sound children, Kenny, calls to report that he will not be returning home literalizes the excremental metaphor.
Watkins-Hughes's piece cheekily literalizes the displacement that is the essence of the exhibition: "seeing" St.
5) Johnson literalizes the problem of marriage as the antithesis of freedom by placing his male protagonists into situations where they are either married, or pushed to the brink of marriage, under the pressure of blackmail.
With the Ingo light (an homage to German industrial designer Ingo Maurer), which dangles from threads like a spider, he literalizes that simple realization: This fixture is nothing more than a steel ring to which the designer has affixed some sixteen standard folding task lamps of the sort that adorn every dorm-room desk in America.
With these characters, Morrison literalizes the novel's overall conflation of black female bodies as the sites of fascist invasions of one kind or another, as the terrain on which is mapped the encroachment and colonization of African-American experiences, particularly those of its women, by a seemingly hegemonic white culture.
With its broad, sandy field, the painting literalizes Rosenberg's casting of the canvas as an "arena"--just as Mathieu's gestures take up the critic's rhetoric of military skirmish and joined battle.
Swept away by metaphor, he literalizes as he attempts to make the crisis seem immediate and palpable to citizens and journalists alike: