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When Shakespeare uses hunting imagery later in the trilogy--now to describe the changing fortunes of rival English factions -- he literalizes the metaphorical relation between sport and battle.
Edward II, she argues, self-consciously literalizes the very processes of re-reading the past which have led to its creation (60-1).
15 fevrier 1839 literalizes the incarceration motif of Le party, with its dank, claustrophobic Prison de Montreal setting.
Delany on Science Fiction" usefully summarizes Delany's SF theory, justifiably questioning whether his argument that SF literalizes metaphors can really bear the weight that Delany assigns to it.
Utilizing another favorite technique, Carter literalizes the fantastic male construct.
The Bramble party's submersio in the stream literalizes their experience in the disorganization of English culture.
Bernard allegorizes, the Wisse literalizes, frustrating any will to ascent in its dilatory, non-teleological structure and its focus on the personal and practical.
Like the "resource" area, which literalizes an otherwise metaphorical dimension of the sculptures, the film renders the theoretical links between bodies and buildings too overtly.
The exhibition is weakest when it literalizes the two connotations of the word "revolutions" implied by its title-rupture and rotation-and in the occasional overly formal juxtaposition of the contemporary with the historical, as when Maurizio Cattelan's suspended horse, Novecento (1997), joins a cluster of Rodchenko mobiles and a Calder.
What he shortly does to two tough-talking inmates in the pen crudely literalizes the taunt about sticking your head where the sun don't shine.
Here Kafka's words stain, and are also elided by, the pure negative space of the page, which literalizes, even materializes, the spiritual world.
Moving from the symbolic to the biological, Hopkins literalizes the connection between Ethiopia and African America by having a British scholar on the expedition to Meroe explain to an incredulous Anglo-American that" 'undoubtedly your Afro-Americans are a branch of the wonderful and mysterious Ethiopians who had a prehistoric existence of magnificence, the full record of which is lost in obscurity'" (532).