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all drawing as a groping in the dark--a metaphor literalized in the
Meanwhile, Truman Capote's comment that stylists obsess over "the placement [sic] of a comina, the weight of a semicolon" (5) weighs quite differently in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Dictee, where literalized punctuation--marks are rendered as words--captures "the struggle for speech" that Cha's displaced protagonist must undergo (16).
Their adventures with the Red Queen, Captain Hook, and the Tin Woodman are literalized as episodes of wild, incesmous, Sapphic, bestial, multifarious sex.
Spong insists that he writes out of his faith commitment as a Christian, not to create controversy: "But where this faith has been corrupted into literalized propositional statements, I have become its exposer and its critic.
Barnum's ownership of Johnson and his quick reduction of him from subject to object particularly reveals Johnson's dehumanized status, literalized in his various display venues; at Coney Island he was placed in a cage, and at the American museum he was, at one point, positioned alongside two snakes and taught to speak what Barnum labeled "jungle language" (Kunhardt, et al.
Brut emphasized nonviolence, love, and forgiveness as the heart of Christ's sacrifice, and so it became ironic that those who literalized that sacrifice became willing to kill in order to safeguard the language of literalism.
These writers, perhaps more memorably by others, illustrate the subversive possibilities of literalized marital metaphors, all of them offering extraordinary scenes in which characters are at the mercy of some literal form of bondage or torture.
These devilish Others were literalized in many film cartoons as the one-horned "oni" demons, such as the hysterical American naval officers who appear in Japan's full length animated recreation of their triumphant raid upon the "Demon Island" (Pearl Harbor), Momotaro, Eagle of the Sea (1943).
14] Less privileged readers made the same literalized association of book and telescope.
It's just that here everything stands out in high relief, literalized, like the word made flesh.
The final product of their efforts featured a thoroughly literalized version of the disease metaphor Acheson had relied on explicitly to influence Vandenberg and the rest of the congressional leadership assembled at the White House.
When literalized for film, those big King climaxes - that moment when we finally come face to face with the previously unseen terror - are almost inevitably disappointing.
In this case, cultural exchange is literalized by the mobility of bodies through the communities that are no longer able to anchor them.
Her description of the way the first generation of New England Puritans conflated the trope of grace as espousal to God with normative domestic arrangements, for instance, draws heavily on the insights of Ann Kibbey and Patricia Caldwell that in the process of transplantation from the Old to the New World cultural forms and practices that retained a more allegorical significance in English Puritanism became literalized.
Carrie and Ben are friendlier before the siege; the mostly off-screen second wave has been literalized with unnecessary (but not bad) CGI; the first four waves themselves are hurriedly compressed into the film's initial half-hour; and the denouement plays as rushed and perfunctory.