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The literalized conceit of "Driving" thus seems to practice an easy poetic or prime linguistic automobility, to adapt Shukin's apt definition of modern capital's (literal) "automobility" as "the 'moving' effects of cars .
Literalized on screen, however, this encounter merely stresses intimacy with a corrupt body, which like Joice Heth's (Fig.
Sid Ray's greatest contribution to the study of early modern drama in the context of marital metaphors lies in her insistence that these metaphors exceed the probable intentions of their authors, especially when literalized on the stage by Wroth, Shakespeare, Beaumont and Fletcher, and Webster.
Even as they satirize the power of the telescope in ways that point to its inherent distortions, Donne and Godwin nonetheless replicate in a literalized narrative form the augmented vision of the telescope.
The address itself presented a literalized image of impending crisis by weaving economic and other naturalized language into the figure of communism as a diseased seed spreading evil throughout a world of want and misery.
His doctrine is summed up in the sentence he has internalized and literalized from a book on the education of females (`A girl is a flower and would fade in the sun'); his daughters mustn't play in the street because they would be `dishonoured' if a boy touched them; equally, they must be kept locked up indoors because boys might climb the wall into the yard to retrieve a ball.
When literalized for film, those big King climaxes - that moment when we finally come face to face with the previously unseen terror - are almost inevitably disappointing.
4) The apparatus of cinema--its desire turning person into prop--is literalized.
It is in this sense that the very act of combination or deletion draws out multiple registers of viewing--the pornography-related silk screens, for example, riding the knife-edge of literalized violence against depicted bodies and structural violence against pornographic images.
Kunst could have developed this Christian link to Midrash more explicitly in order to shed more light on how Midrashic speculation became literalized into Christian thought.
Vodou, in responding over time to the arbitrary power of mastery, literalized these moments of memory in their gods and spirits" (41).
Discussions of Szasz's ideas tend to begin with his insistence that mental illness is, strictly speaking, a contradiction in terms, a literalized metaphor that confuses more than it clarifies.
More significantly, Rollins critiques my critique of early ecclesiastical tradition for alleging that it literalized rather than re-mythifying the tradition.
Because, moreover, the process of introjection is itself metaphorical, transferring the void experienced to its metaphorical representation in language, incorporation is a literalized and literalizing destruction of metaphor.
Immediately after Anders, the notion of the literalized metaphor was developed in the German context by Walter Sokel in his treatises on Kafka and the figurations and thematics of expressionism.