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This impulse to literalize, to technologize, to "nuclearize" or "racialize" the vision is at root an attempt to control God, if not in fact to play God (as L.
In his most recent book, Jesus for the Non-Religious, Spong argues that "to literalize Easter has become the defining heresy of traditional Protestant and Catholic Christianity.
The chapter on Faustus is particularly rewarding: "The reiterated actual and virtual versions of the Faustus story literalize the theme of textual uncertainty caused by repetition, on which the plays' narratives dwell" (28).
Sledgehammer's biggest theatrical influence is Sergei Eisenstein's essay on 'The Theatre of Attractions,' which suggests it is the job of the theatre artist to literalize metaphors - concretely manifest ideas and symbols.
Chan's newest works literalize a sense of impotence, even resignation, regarding art's transformative potential.
What first appears to be a highroad ending, which suggests but does not fully literalize Red's embrace of freedom, is undermined by an unforgivably mawkish reunion between the two lead actors at the curtain call--which nonetheless brought most of the audience to its feet.
The text and the repossessed black space Harlem came to be at the turn of the twentieth century literalize the notion of reconnection.
Of course, any attempt to literalize the images' interconnections along a concrete storyline amounts to an interpretive stretch rather than the decryption of the meaning hidden in the photographs and their titles.
This "active destruction of figuration" they call "antimetaphor," stressing that it does not merely literalize a figure but destroys its "figurativeness.
What author Sher has done is literalize the "tapeworm" in the punkish presence of actor Alex Ferns' shaven-headed Lintwurm, who makes his entrance vomited forth from actor Sher's stomach like some kind of outtake from "Alien.
The text does not so much literalize Wilson's suffering as submerge it, leaving it to the actor to express the character's pain indirectly through his choices of activities and his unpredictable behavior toward other people.
A winning group of 2008 works, for example, imports his mud finger prints, in neat rows and columns, to small vintage blackboards whose various alphabets and abaci literalize the becoming-culture of nature that he has long tracked.
Chance and a sense of ambient inscription are also evidenced by the exhibition's fifth work, Drawing Paris by Arrondissements, 2007, wherein the artists literalize a walking exploration of topography, topology, and geographical boundaries.
What is particular to Wills's approach, and the source of its great interest, is the way in which his means literalize the links between the grid and opticality, redoubling their tensions.