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the doctrine of realistic (literal) portrayal in art or literature

a disposition to interpret statements in their literal sense

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Although biblical literalism now ties with biblical skepticism nationally, these views vary somewhat across different segments of the U.
The doors leading out of scriptural literalism do not open from the inside.
Osborn's Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering is an interesting and, one hopes, a helpful addition to the ongoing conversation about the question of human and cosmic origins in Christian circles.
In other titles, Taylor turned away from such puns toward a kind of dumb literalism, yet still avoided Minimalist-style say-what-you-see transparency.
The artist who was opposed to literalism and insisted upon metaphor, only to find in The Velvet Weapon, one of his last projects, that the best way to capture the backstage antics of the Velvet Revolution was to stage it as a backstage farce, which--alas--it literally was.
Chapter two presents the history of the decline of the intellectual discipline of theology and its replacement by the creedal literalism of Atharism.
The Brotherhood's reading of Islamic law is mindless fundamentalism and literalism, often involving an ignorance of medieval Muslim beliefs and practices (in the area of abortion, e.
Instead of approaching the topic either through the lens of history or an overview of doctrine, it lays out Christian teachings from the following viewpoints: (a) "biblical literalism," basically a fundamentalist perspective, (b) "theological literalism," which concedes a historical-critical approach to scripture but insists on a God who intervenes in life and history, and finally (c) "theological reinterpretation," which sees Christian teachings as symbols referring to religious insights but has divorced itself from an interventionist God.
The work derives its power from a lack of literalism and an attention to mundane objects.
The winner of this year's prize is Valery Rohy's "Hemingway, Literalism, and Transgender Reading.
But originalism's critics are not the only ones who appear to have noticed the similarities between the two interpretive approaches; when they have entered the arena of policy and judicial politics, proponents of biblical literalism have generally embraced originalism as the correct approach to constitutional interpretation.
Both works concern the act of drawing, yet do so with such interesting differences that they reveal two contrasting tendencies in the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood, even at the outset of their campaign to reform British art: a Pre-Raphaelite 'truth-to-nature' literalism in opposition to a vaguer, more suggestive, even visionary, tendency.
Elections tend to serve as a bracing if temporary cure for policy literalism, a reminder that even educated, newspaper-reading adults outside of Washington have only the vaguest awareness of policy changes.
But in the United States, biblical literalism is so fixed a reference to biblical dogmatism and fundamentalism, I'm not convinced that re-purposing the word as she proposes is a helpful move.
Yet Limcon's poetic choices of theatrically eloquent movement transcend their literalism.