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the doctrine of realistic (literal) portrayal in art or literature

a disposition to interpret statements in their literal sense

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When I look at the world that will soon be in the hands of my own greying and aging Gen-X as well as the spunky, emerging Millennials, there is an absence of biblical literalism and an abundance of non-critical biblical skepticism in the Canadian landscape.
Potential employees had to sign off on an AiG statement of faith that not only affirmed biblical literalism but insisted that homosexuality is akin to bestiality.
The 28% adhering to biblical literalism in the trend question is down about 10 percentage points since the late 1970s.
In other titles, Taylor turned away from such puns toward a kind of dumb literalism, yet still avoided Minimalist-style say-what-you-see transparency.
Chapter two presents the history of the decline of the intellectual discipline of theology and its replacement by the creedal literalism of Atharism.
In addition to praiseworthy work in raising musical standards at the COC over the past few seasons, General Director Alexander Neef has exposed Toronto audiences to a fashionable trend in European opera productions, away from literalism to a freeing of the creative imaginations of directors and designers.
The Brotherhood's reading of Islamic law is mindless fundamentalism and literalism, often involving an ignorance of medieval Muslim beliefs and practices (in the area of abortion, e.
These comparisons also paralleled issues of literalism (discussed below) in packaged food interpretation.
Instead of approaching the topic either through the lens of history or an overview of doctrine, it lays out Christian teachings from the following viewpoints: (a) "biblical literalism," basically a fundamentalist perspective, (b) "theological literalism," which concedes a historical-critical approach to scripture but insists on a God who intervenes in life and history, and finally (c) "theological reinterpretation," which sees Christian teachings as symbols referring to religious insights but has divorced itself from an interventionist God.
Throughout the memorial rims an insistent literalism, with nothing rendered abstractly or symbolically.
The work derives its power from a lack of literalism and an attention to mundane objects.
Literalism stops being humorous when it is used to confuse and exploit and so threaten free speech.
But originalism's critics are not the only ones who appear to have noticed the similarities between the two interpretive approaches; when they have entered the arena of policy and judicial politics, proponents of biblical literalism have generally embraced originalism as the correct approach to constitutional interpretation.
But in the United States, biblical literalism is so fixed a reference to biblical dogmatism and fundamentalism, I'm not convinced that re-purposing the word as she proposes is a helpful move.
Yet Limcon's poetic choices of theatrically eloquent movement transcend their literalism.