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Chinese tree cultivated especially in Philippines and India for its edible fruit

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2008) also observed high numbers of calloused and rooted litchi tree layers using IBA and different types of substrate.
The experiment was installed in a commercial rainfed planting area, with 10 year-old 'Bengal' litchi trees, propagated by air layering and located in the city of Mogi Mirim, Sao Paulo, Brazil, at coordinates 22[degrees] 29'123" S and 47[degrees] 1'644'' W and an altitude of 665 m, from December, 2012 to April, 2013.
Fifty-eight pest species have been recorded on litchi trees worldwide, including lepidopterans, scales, stink bugs, fruit flies, and eriophiid mites, and these pest mainly damage the flowers and fruits (Waite 2012).
Pruning and burning of affected twigs were the adopted control measures, particularly for severely infested litchi trees.
illepidaria caused to litchi trees, there is a need to keep vigil on the further spread and undertake studies on the eco-biology, behavior and spatial and temporal distribution of P.
Mean incidence and severity of damage to litchi trees by the Perixera illepidaria pest at the NRCL Experimental Farm during October 2011.
Air layered litchi trees recommended for orchard establishment.
direct contact with litchis contaminated by bat saliva, urine, or guano (11) or with other vectors, such as insects found in litchi trees or phlebotomine sand flies, as in the case of Chandipura virus (12), cannot be excluded.
I earned around Rs200,000 (Dh15,700) from 10 mango and litchi trees, and today I am in a position to search a suitable groom for my daughter," said a local villager Subhash Singh whose daughter Harshita Kumari has attained the marriageable age.
Young Litchi trees are highly susceptible to frost and must be protected against it during the first 3 to 4 years.
Twenty-four traps were deployed and hung in litchi trees and aligned according to 8 compass directions--with radial angles of 45[degrees]--at 5, 15 and 30 m from the release point.
Former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said the state government was sending its police personnel on deputation to Delhi and deploying others to guard mango and litchi trees when it does not have sufficient number of cops to check thefts.