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Synonyms for lit

Synonyms for lit

the humanistic study of a body of literature

provided with artificial light

set afire or burning


References in classic literature ?
She struck the match on the box, and lit her candle.
LEDs and fluorescent lights achieve their energy efficiencies by only emitting light in a narrow wavelength, sometimes dramatically affecting how certain colors and fabrics appear when lit with these lights (
And there is such variety in the work." Sometimes, when he brings back a piece she lit many years earlier, she looks at it anew and says, "I don't know the lighting designer who did those pieces--I've changed that much."
Look through the rear lens and make sure the reticle is lit. If it's not, replace the battery.
Thomas Alva Edison put it plainly: "I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work." And the man who lit up the world was indeed a worker.
Future projects include a second observatory, a visitors center and a performing arts stage that, of course, will be b arely lit. Daniel Verschatse, who is building a hotel for astronomers, says visiting foreigners "are baffled by the number of stars and the visibility of the southern skies.