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Synonyms for listlessness

Synonyms for listlessness

a feeling of lack of interest or energy

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inactivity resulting from lethargy and lack of vigor or energy

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LISTLESSNESS Early dementia can see people lose interest in hobbies or not wanting to spend time with friends and family.
In Take Me Here, the sense of hominess--beer bottles strewn across the gallery, along with a mattress and crumpled sheets--and the music's slouching harmonies lulled time into listlessness: The performers appeared as if in a trance, while in reality they were bound by the beat, the minutes and hours ticking away with every chord.
Of course, his prescription calls for more than what I at least would be able to follow-'to pray the Rosary every day, go to confession at least once a month, and attend daily Mass' for what he terms 'the healing of all Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad-healing from anger and indifference, healing from cynicism and apathy, healing from blindness and passivility, healing from unconcern and listlessness.'
"A bloated tummy, excessive crying, vomiting, lack of bowel movements, and a general listlessness are among the main signs."
This time, the emotions go from hope to exasperation to a sense of listlessness before we arrive at anger - anger that the former wunderkind expects us to swallow such drivel.
This coldness of the West has evolved as a result of Ankara's apparent listlessness in fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other radical groups and its Sunni-based scenarios.
These include shock, listlessness, muscle tremors, nausea, vomiting and difficulty breathing.
Its apparent listlessness in the face of this train wreck risks the very real prospect of evictions.
Watch for a dry mouth or tongue, drier than usual nappies, high fever and listlessness.
It was probably another matter that the making of music negatively impacted the sensibilities of certain elements in the country and they discouraged it to the extent of killing the hunger for music altogether and adding further listlessness to an already humdrum and boring environment.
Eschewing effort and skimping on sacrifice may give the illusion of leisure, which in fact is a front for boredom and listlessness. Avoiding complications and entanglements from relating with other people with whom we can work for good causes may lead us to think we are living a simple existence; but it is a simplicity that goes with emptiness and the natural sadness arising from relative isolation.
Paleness, listlessness and frostbite are hypothermia's common signs, but the most telling is shivering--an early sign frequently overlooked, Dr.
Psychologists call the symptoms of depression - listlessness and an inability to find joy in engagement - as sickness behaviour.
The tracks are "Into the Spectrum" (12:20), "Upon Tranquil Waters" (9:07), "Listlessness of Winter Skies" (9:12), "Ethereal Accolades" (11:51), "Council of the Fallen" (8:42), "Tears in the Sky" (12:14), "May Your Dreams Always Come True" (3:02), and Nagamowin" (3:05).
The astrocytes themselves weren't the only cells affected in the altered mice: Neurons that regulate feeding behavior in the hypothalamus, the same cells these astrocytes support, showed signs of listlessness.