lister plow

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moldboard plow with a double moldboard designed to move dirt to either side of a central furrow

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Estimated Percentage of Residue Remaining Implement After Each Operation Inverting tools Moldboard plow 5 Lister plow 20 Mixing tools Field cultivator 80 Chisel plow, spear point 80 Chisel plow, twisted point 50 Rototill to 6 inches 25 Rototill to 3 inches 50 Tandem disc to 6 inches 25 Tandem disc to 3 inches 50 Spring-tooth harrow 60 Spike-tooth harrow 70 Subsurface tools Blades or sweeps 90 Rodweeders 90 FIGURE 16-15 Average corn yield after tillage treatment for continuous corn in Ohio.
Lister plows are equipped with two moldboards mounted back to back, resulting in a pattern of ten-inch-high ridges and furrows across the field (figure 16-9).