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Synonyms for LP



Synonyms for LP

a long-playing phonograph record

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Once the listening post was fully up and running, Cave claimed, he would be able to zero in on the location of any radio transmission within 15 minutes.
Nonprofits have been stretched to the breaking point," said Peter Goldberg, chair of the Listening Post Project Steering Committee and president and CEO Of the Alliance for Children and Families.
The surveys and listening posts are connected directly to online databases, so results can be seen immediately, much like election day results when votes are tabulated and the whiner announced before the evening news.
This mission, then, is to be a listening post in the heart of the city'.
Like Bemis's melancholy yet mechanized Ice Capader, Listening Post turned absurd bits of information ("U turn me on, dragonlover_45
Three other men have been arrested while "acting suspiciously" outside the GCHQ electronic listening post in Cheltenham, Glos.
A shopper spotted the three men acting suspiciously only yards away from the top secret listening post in Cheltenham at 3pm.
From our listening post, the approach sounds very sound indeed.
The ruling will also apply to MI6 and the Government's top listening post and information gathering centre, GCHQ.
They establish a reliable listening post on the grapevine because that's where conflicts first surface as complaints: "Mary's not getting the work out quickly enough" or "I hate dealing with the surgeons.
These two functions are: 1) Gathering information regarding an unrelated crime,(38) or 2) acting as a listening post.
The development of Chicksands from a monastery to a noble estate to a super-secret RAF/USAF listening post shows the installation's unique history, one well worth reading.
act as a listening post to help us understand the inside workings
The listening post on the country's westernmost inhabited island is slightly over 100 km east of Taiwan and almost 150 km south of the flash point Senkaku Islands.
Ciaran Martin, of listening post GCHQ, said it uses its legal powers "extremely carefully".