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Synonyms for listener

someone who listens attentively

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After receving an assurance from both, that she might safely do so, she proceeded in a voice so low that it was often difficult for the listener to discover even the purport of what she said, to describe, by name and situation, the public-house whence she had been followed that night.
The young lady uttered a cry of surprise, and for a few moments they were so still that the listener could distinctly hear them breathe.
The astonished listener remained motionless on his post for some minutes afterwards, and having ascertained, with many cautious glances round him, that he was again alone, crept slowly from his hiding-place, and returned, stealthily and in the shade of the wall, in the same manner as he had descended.
Unrestrained by the young man's presence she threw up her mouth, put her lips near the bars, and piped away in easeful grace to the attentive listeners.
He could see himself in a room of warm tints telling tales to listeners.
The open sympathy of the listeners stirred the spirit of the votary of music, whose voice regained its richness and volume, without losing that touching softness which proved its secret charm.
In short, so rapidly had the savage sounds diffused themselves over the barren rock, that it was not difficult for the anxious listeners to imagine they could be heard beneath, as in truth they were above on every side of them.
The principals of Listener Driven Radio, LLC (Broadcasters Lee Zapis, Daniel Anstandig, and Mike McVay) announced today the release of new Listener Driven Radio software, empowering broadcasters to become crowdcasters(SM).
What: Veteran news-talk host Larry Mantle discusses issues of the day with guests and listener calls.
Additionally, the on-air auction drew tremendous bid prices, including $3,100 for a PlayStation 3 from a WMGF-FM listener in Orlando, Florida and $3,000 for a Nintendo Wii from a KSAS-FM listener in Boise, ID.
The other day, when a listener phoned in to tell about her new baby parrot named George, Putnam quipped, ``I deny parentage.
Each short, free podcast answers a listener question about the English language and integrates humorous examples to create an entertaining experience.
This is technologically possible because AccuHolidays creates a separate steam of music for each listener.
We've given a description of each show, its target audience, ratings information where available and a quote from a regular listener to the program.