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However, such businesses always faced an issue when it came to listing the shares of the holding entity since the Listing Rules mandated that for a foreign entity to be listed on the EGX, it must be simultaneously listed on another recgonised foreign stock exchange.
Homes listed on Thursday are fresh in buyers' minds when they are planning their weekend.
For example, activities listed under Human Resources could include those most commonly performed by a human resources department, such as the list previously proposed in TEI's 2004 submission.
Pre-AJCA: Prior to the AJCA, taxpayers were required to disclose on their returns certain information about "reportable transactions" (including listed transactions) in which they participated.
When the new member joins and your name is listed on the sponsor line you will receive a certificate worth $10 toward your next dues bill.
(45) Only one priest listed a Greek lexicon, supporting the conclusion that few of the Novarese priests pursued Greek.
(1) If a listed transaction was properly disclosed to the IRS, the Service will routinely request only those workpapers pertaining to the listed transaction.
The companies, services, and resources listed here can help you do just that.
Cray said its average listed system included 509 processors and had a theoretical speed of 315.8 billion calculations per second, or gigaflops.
[3] Both--with Frank appearing as "Francis"--are listed in the 1850 U.S.
The pitcher is listed last because he is not in the lineup every day and also because his most important skill is throwing rather than catching.
TLC, the one and only $2 billion concern to be listed among the BE 100s, will probably never rise to its former glory: its board voted to unlock the company's value by liquidating its assets.