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Insurers must check the identity of persons or entities having, or seeking to have, an interest in an insurance transaction, to determine whether they are listed by OFAC.
The existing 20 percent accuracy penalty would increase to 30 percent for listed and certain other reportable transactions that are not disclosed.
The influence of classes in rhetoric was evident in that seven priests listed the Rhetoric of Aristotle (384-22 B.
Aluminum, antimony, bromine, chlorine, cobalt, chromium, copper, fluorine, lead, zinc, phosphorous, manganese - these and other basic elements are listed as toxic chemicals.
The search engines listed in Table 8 allow users to search for Web pages using descriptive terms such as key words or topics; however, only two of the search engines are specifically designed for legal research.
Indeed, many of the properties REW investigated had credits ranging from $852,000 on a Fifth Avenue property that was also listed as owing $1.
Several years ago, BHP listed in New York and London to diversify their shareholder base.
Federal listed transactions: As part of the disclosure of reportable transactions, California taxpayers have to disclose transactions that are the same as or substantially similar to certain specific "listed transactions.
Ashburn said that decision shows the animal should never have been listed as threatened.
During the past few years, the popularity of the exclusive listing has grown, and today, in the market that ow firm covers, 73 percent of all available buildings are listed exclusively with a broker.
Listed under its parent company name, The Great Philadelphia Trading Co.
species listed as "endangered" (facing imminent extinction) or "threatened" (likely to become endangered soon).
Energy Metals Corporation is one of only two primary uranium companies listed with the NYSE Group and the only such listing on NYSE Arca.
The delayed effective date, however, will not apply to listed transactions and transactions required to be registered under Sec.
The decision angered opponents of the squirrel's threatened status, who said it creates a double standard in which it would be harder to remove a species from the list than it is to get it listed.