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based on the principle of proportional representation

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Under the Reserve List system, JTC is to make public the minimum price committed for the site.
This system differs from other list systems that employ "proportional representation", which would enable the allocation of seats to different lists based on the proportion of votes won by each.
The Conservatives won 331 seats in May, but under a list system they would have got just 242.
It is scheduled to be introduced in August 2018, thus keeping the rotten waiting list system in force for another three years, presumably to allow a few more hundreds of unsuitable graduates to jump on the state education gravy train.
In a proportional list system, the parties would be prohibited from changing the order of candidates' names on its submitted list of candidates in each constituency.
The regional list system adds a further one third of members who are not individually and personally elected in order to ensure broader party representation on the Assembly.
The closed list system has brought about provinces in southern Iraq that have no representation at parliament, which is not fair," he added.
AaIraq's fractious Parliament has been unable to agree on whether to use an open list system in the January 16 national elections, allowing voters to select individual candidates, or a closed list that gives voters only a choice of parties which in turn determine who occupy the seats they win.
The open list system was used in January provincial polls.
Under the party list system the party chooses the MEP, not the voters, who simply vote for a party, not a person.
Under the party list system, the party chooses the MEP, not the voters, who simply vote for a party, not a person.
Adds information on contractor responsibility matters and use of GSA's Excluded Parties List System.
4 (1-2)] opted for a list system of 12-275 candidates.
Didn't it make sense, I asked, to move to a clean list system that would ban the import of potentially dangerous creatures like snakeheads?
The Tokyo High Court ruled Wednesday that the nonbinding list system for the proportional representation section of House of Councillors elections is constitutional, dismissing a suit filed by a group of lawyers.