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the selling price of something as stated in a catalogue or price list

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When comparing 4-ounce cough syrups across national brands, average list price is also noted to reflect a wide range across list pricing for same sizes.
In the compact executive class, which includes the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series, list prices rose at a rate of just 0.
A number of the compact MPV sector's best-selling vehicles have had list price increases in recent months.
Chastain said sellers remain reluctant to reduce the list price, but buyers are becoming savvy.
According to Randy Kerns, analyst at The Evaluator Group, that's a fair estimate of the discounts available, although he said the $49,000 list price "seems really high.
Piccolastic Pure Monomer Hydrocarbon Resins : List Price increase of $USD 0.
Vauxhall Astra takes third place for the largest list price increase in the top ten.
017113, list price $29) describes the PFP process and covers the professional literature and standards that apply.
A number of the compact MPV sector's best selling vehicles have had list price increases in recent months.
The Cisco ME 3400 Ethernet Access Switch is expected to be available November and will start at a list price of $1,995 USD.
The average suggested list price for new hard cover and paperbound titles published by university presses in 2004 was $45.
Product pricing will remain the same regardless of frequency band: SkyGateway base station -- US list price US$3,499, international list price US$4,899; SkyExtender DualBand mesh backhaul plus access point -- US list price US$1,799, international list price US$2,499; SkyExtender mesh backhaul plus CPE -- US list price US$1,199, international list price US$1,699; and SkyConnector indoor and outdoor CPE -- US list price US$399, international list price US$549.