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Synonyms for list

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Synonyms for list

a series, as of names or words, printed or written down

to name or specify one by one

to register in or as if in a book

deviation from a particular direction

to depart or cause to depart from true vertical or horizontal

to make an effort to hear something

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Synonyms for list

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In an effort to form boards of directors that are strong and are characterised by their integrity, the FRA decided that any person that assumes a membership on the board of a listed company should not, within the five years preceding his/her appointment, have been found guilty of any financial or criminal crime.
Although the election body is still finalizing the list, the proclamation of party-list group winners will push through on Wednesday evening.
Homes listed on Thursday tend to sell for more money and in less time than homes listed on other days of the week, according to areportfrom Redfin, (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage.
During the meeting of the SAFTA held on July 30, 2013, officials focused on the reduction of the number of products in the sensitive list.
The Comelec released the initial list candidates, which have complied with the mandatory registration of social media accounts and websites to be used for campaign purposes under their resolution No.
Chairman of the Committee Mohammad Javed Abbasi while presenting a report, assigned by the House, pertaining to the procedure of putting names in black list and legal value of the said list, he demanded immediately stopping putting the names of people on Black List and abolishing all such existing lists due to absence of no legal cover.The committee reported that Exit Control List (ECL) is the only valid list in this regard.
According to Express News, Imran reviewed the priority list after PTI workers complained that the names included in the list were undeserving while those forwarded by regional presidents were ignored.
Keywords: Abstract data type, Sentinel linked list, Variants of link list, Object oriented and structured paradigms.
manufacturers and processors eligible to ship dairy products to Chile, China, or the European Union (EU) must apply for inclusion on the applicable lists through the FDA's Dairy Listing Module (DLM).
PNN/ Bethlehem/ The CEC released today statistics on the preliminary register of electoral lists and candidates classified according to age, gender and political affiliation.
The CEC said the lists showed that 182 electoral lists have won by acclamation, 136 of which are affiliated to Fatah, 23 are independent, 1 list for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and 22 coalition party lists.
In the cough/cold/allergy category, CPR has tracked more than 252 list price increases and 42 list price decreases in the past two years.
“We see Contact Box as the Dropbox of contacts - users can create any number of contact lists and each list can be jointly maintained by any number of users and can be accessed anywhere, anytime,” says CEO Gal Nachum.
Fiona Price of Northboro, Headmaster's List; Tanay Srivastava of Southboro, Headmaster's List; Neha Panigrahi of Southboro, Honor Roll; Grace Turner of Northboro, Honor Roll.
Central Election Commission Chair Akylbek Sariev provided explanations concerning increased voter list in the past parliamentary elections.At the beginning of voting, the voter list included 2,852,671 citizens.