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a speaker who lisps

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Lisper HD, Kjellberg A: Effects of 29 hour sleep deprivation on rate of decrement of a 1 0 minute activity reaction time task.
He deftly sketches the Knight, who loves chivalry and has fought in many lands for his faith; his son, the Squire, blessed with blond curls and musical talent; the Prioress, who eats perhaps too heartily but nevertheless very daintily; the Monk, who escapes his monastery as often as possible to hunt; the begging Friar, lisper of easy penances to widows who open their pocketbooks wide; the Clerk of Oxford, a sober student of Aristotle; the Miller, a brawny chap with a wart on the end of his nose--and even Chaucer the pilgrim, a shy and rotund little man.
The whisper is that the Lisper could finish up handsomely out of pocket.
Cactus-cravers, cats, charlatans, ravers, lispers, eggplant-eaters,
He admitted lispers, stutterers, people who couldn't pronounce their r's and l's.
And then, following whatever antics we've enjoyed from those crazy beings who have tellies in their tummies, she brings the curtain, and the sun down, with: "the sun is setting in the sky, Teletubbies say goodbye," which is particularly impressive when you consider Toyah's position as one of the world's most famous lispers.