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a speech defect that involves pronouncing 's' like voiceless 'th' and 'z' like voiced 'th'

a flexible procedure-oriented programing language that manipulates symbols in the form of lists

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Luchangco, LISP IV spans 200 hectares of real estate constituting the industrial portion of the 250-hectare Malvar Cybergreen, which also includes a 50-hectare area for commercial and residential development.
Available data for SPPI's three industrial estates follow: LISP I, 64 companies and 25,500 employees; LISP II, 27 companies and 9,500 employees; and LISP III, 21 companies and 5,820 employees.
Subsequently, artificial intelligent techniques were employed to build a computer model of skilled performance in a specific task: LISP programming.
Having witnessed the LISP speed improvement, together with other astounding breakthroughs of ZWCAD+, we are eager to see the official release.
Before his tenure at First Quadrant, he served as Independent Consultant on advanced financial information systems strategy and design, Vice President of MJT Advisers, Chief Scientist and Co-founder of Integrated Analytics Corp, and various senior roles at Inference Corporation, at LISP Machines Inc.
LISP machines and general purpose scientific and engineering workstations are complicated minicomputers requiring months of diligent training.
Dealing with the LISP programming language, it will be available as a subscription order, as payment of the fee does not include "membership" in SIGPLAN or any other group.
IntelliCAD is a low-cost CAD alternative that provides DWG file compatibility as well as support for industry standard commands, menu files, script files, shape files, text styles, hatch patterns, linetypes, LISP programs, ADS/C++ programs, and VBA programs.
When Americana-influenced rockers the Lisps bring their show, Futurity, to Minncapolis's Walker Art Center April 26-28, it will be the triumphant culmination of an unlikely project that started as a bit of a goof.