liquor license

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a license authorizing the holder to sell alcoholic beverages

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The 1910 Bar is a separate business with a different liquor license classification (bar/tavern) from Sergio's, which has a restaurant liquor license.
According to details they have declared Non Muslim and out of fold of Islam for showing themselves as Non Muslim to obtain Liquor License.
Club 1444 gave up its liquor license in March 2015, while the liquor control agency investigated claims the strip club's owners failed to disclose everyone who had a financial stake in the business, and made false statements to OLCC officers.
The Commission will also consider all factors that would be considered in reviewing an application for a new retail liquor license.
formally doing business as Millbury Street Liquors, and not a new addition to the number of full liquor licenses in the city.
Demand was already strong in the East Village, and now prices have been driven up even higher, especially for properties with a liquor license.
According to Hiroshima police officials, the convenience store operator talked with Okano over the liquor license dispute and paid him the money as ''gratitude'' after Okano intervened on his behalf.
The board invites people to advise the board if there are objections to the issuing of a liquor license.
There now are about 1,400 liquor license holders in Milwaukee, according to the City Clerk's license division.
com), a professional consulting and CPA firm based in Springfield, MO, has launched a new service aimed at helping restaurants, bars and liquor stores complete the variety of document filings required to obtain a Missouri Liquor License from the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
The Grayslake village board issued a new liquor license to Light the Lamp Brewery for the building at 2 S.
Martin County Full 4-COP liquor license ONLY $245k with financing available
Islamabad -- A brazen faced scam of obtaining liquor license from concerned official authorities by Muslim citizens under the garb of Non Muslim identity has come to open.
The restaurant's opening is contingent upon obtaining a liquor license.
Strip club owner Jack Dugger has filed an appeal seeking to overturn the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's denial of a liquor license for his shuttered Shakers Bar & Grill downtown.