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Synonyms for liquify

make (a solid substance) liquid, as by heating

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Headquartered in Seattle, Liquify Digital is a mobile development studio founded by a trio of digital entertainment passionati who are building mobile products that enhance the lives of both end consumers and the creative community at-large.
By the time the metal begins to liquify in the furnace, any moisture in the scrap has been evaporated.
In early demonstrations, the two-stage process was used to liquify and degrade paper and cellulose-based wastes and particular attention was paid to using this technique to handle disposable baby diapers.
Homeowners also have an opportunity to liquify capital gains when refinancing an existing mortgage, and refinancing surged in the latter part of 1992.
An enhanced Liquify plug-in provides even greater control over image warping with zoom, pan and multiple undo capabilities.
Half of New York City's buildings are constructed of unreinforced concrete, while soil in many places would liquify in a trembler.
Remaining slag on the bottom will liquify and float to the top of the melt.
Users can push their creative abilities with features such as Live Distortion, which makes it possible to bend and manipulate graphics and text with live enveloping, warp effects, and liquify tools.