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Guillermo Marco, archdiocesan spokesman, said the soup is made from liquidized Argentine beef, fresh vegetables and fat.
When the whistle sounded I introduced a small amount of liquidized bread to concentrate the fish and immediately hooked tiddler roach of half-an-ounce.
In a move to streamline group assets, the airline said it will sell ANA Hotel Tokyo in Tokyo's Minato Ward in a liquidized form under an investment trust contract with Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co.
Yasuda Trust will also start full-fledged sales of liquidized assets in fiscal 1999, with an eye toward increasing its outstanding balance of managed assets to 600 billion yen in the last year of the management plan.
On the other hand, fewer than half of those who liquidized equity cited better terms as a motive to refinance.
As noted above, nationwide, nearly 60 percent of those who refinanced their first mortgage liquidized some equity (table 7).
In the meantime I was introducing liquidized bread ground bait in the channel at 11 metres and when I tried it with punch bread after an hour, there were bigger fish waiting.