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(law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties

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Kirmap Pty Ltd Liquidator appointed: Mark Englebert of FTI Consulting
ASIC Senior Executive Leader- Insolvency Practitioners, Adrian Brown, said the proactive program of compliance visits for registered liquidators will continue and ASIC will take appropriate steps against those who do not meet their obligations.
Dr Gono, said : 'In view of this and the need to ensure an orderly exit of the bank, the Reserve Bank has since appointed a provisional liquidator and duly lodged an application with the High Court to this effect.
For the record, the case filed in Singapore by the Indians against the liquidator was for noncompliance of the Asset Purchase Agreement or APA and not because of default of payment, which many are made to believe.
The liquidator is paid his fees from the proceeds of the sale of Compania Minera Pimenton or liquidation of its assets.
ASIC today released its sixth annual report into the supervision of registered liquidators.
Chandrasekar, a case has been registered against the UBI Branch Manager and others on the allegation that funds relating to official liquidator deposited in United Bank of India, Khammam Branch have been fraudulently withdrawn pre-maturely by a few private persons in connivance with bank officials.
In a first reaction, Chris Iacovides, the special administrator of the FBME Cyprus branch, said that the Tanzanian authorities' move is likely to make matters worse for depositors as, should the Cypriot court appoint a liquidator, this may lead to a complicated legal battle between the Cypriot and Tanzanian liquidators.
Officials and members have been banned from disposing of any right pertaining to the association unless authorised in writing by the liquidator.
The Liquidator has been discharging his responsibilities since November 20, 1997.
Under the supervision of the Court, the liquidator will establish a process for the identification, resolution and barring of claims and other contingent liabilities against ACE.
The liquidator has already claimed fees and expenses of more than pounds 43,000.
Prior to the appointment of the current liquidators a provisional liquidator was in office between 22 June 2010 and 6 October 2010.
The report from PWC Joint Liquidator Rob Hunt said: "Significant claims in excess of the values listed in the directors' Statement of Affairs have been received and are still being adjudicated upon, and many potential claims from the UK and overseas have not been received.
Once an employer is insolvent and a receiver or liquidator appointed, the employee/s can recover money owed by: