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Synonyms for liquidation

Synonyms for liquidation

termination of a business operation by using its assets to discharge its liabilities

the act of exterminating

the murder of a competitor

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The liquidation business is a thriving market, and we believe Liquidation World's established presence in Canada, coupled with Talon's financial and industry experience in the U.
JUNE 1--If unable to obtain reinsurance, Florida Preferred will be placed into liquidation.
The liquidation of a member interest is an area in which this is evident.
In a firm or corporate liquidation, or when a shareholder redeems his or her interest, it's not uncommon for the business to distribute property as well as money in exchange for the capital stock a shareholder held.
The history of that doctrine is littered with contradictory results, and the entire genuine contraction approach to partial liquidation treatment has been roundly criticized.
To do this, he plans to liquidate SJ in the current year and have it distribute the depreciable assets to him as part of the liquidation.
These actions are pursuant to the Corporation's Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution that was adopted by shareholders in October 2000.
Recently, in revenue ruling 90-13, the IRS reaffirmed the notion that the deemed surrender that occurs in a pro rata distribution satisfies the redemption requirement in a partial liquidation.
The amount and timing of liquidating distributions are subject to a number of uncertainties, some of which are not fully within Tripos' control, including Tripos' ability to consummate the sale of its Discovery Informatics and Discovery Research businesses at the prices and terms currently under negotiation; the price Tripos is able to obtain for certain corporate assets that are not part of the transactions under discussion; the terms upon which Tripos is able to settle its outstanding liabilities and other liabilities that will arise in a liquidation; the costs that Tripos will incur while it remains a public company that files reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); and the duration and expense of the liquidation process.
1502-13(f)(5)(ii)(C) election entitles the P group to net the loss incurred on the deemed liquidation against the gain recognized on the distribution, to the extent of the gain only.
made corporate history in Australia by becoming the first company in the country ever to be successfully restructured and redeemed from provisional liquidation, UMP's provisional liquidator said.
Genesee Corporation today updated management's best estimate of net assets that are expected to ultimately be distributed to shareholders by issuing its statement of net assets in liquidation and statement of changes in net assets in liquidation as of and for the third fiscal quarter ended January 26, 2002.
Such transactions include a liquidation, a downstream merger, and a distribution to which section 355 applies.
For gain attributable to tangible property distributed in the liquidation if it is used in a U.
AMEX:WRP) announced today that its net assets in liquidation at September 30, 2006 aggregated $56,210,634 or $8.