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Among companies liquidated this year, 13 were also established this year, but the average age of the liquidated companies is nine years.
On merits, the appellant was rightly held as not entitled to claim any additional amount of liquidated damages in absence of any exact claim towards such entitlement put forth by her before the Tribunal.
As previously mentioned, it is widely accepted under common law and western jurisdictions, which are commonly employed in maritime contracts, that demurrage, in the context of a voyage charterparty, is a provision for liquidated damages.
The other three large loans that liquidated in the final quarter of 2015 were Citadel Mall, which liquidated with a $130.9 million loss for a severity of 96.2%; DRA-CRT Portfolio I, which liquidated with a $125.1 million loss for a severity of 97.9%; and COPT Office Portfolio (Rollup), which liquidated with a loss of $109.5 million for a loss severity of 73.0%.
Education Associations is the third federally insured credit union to be liquidated by the NCUA in 2016.
Any attorney drafting contracts on a regular basis knows two different client goals for liquidated damages clauses.
Most commonly we associate liquidated damages with delay.
(Note that this article does not address a situation where nonpartners leave the firm with clients that they brought to the firm; a different analysis applies for that case.) As part of the transaction., the acquired firm's partners sign the acquirer's partnership agreement, which typically contains non-nonservice, and liquidated damage provisions obligating a partner who leaves with clients to reimburse the firm for additional expenses taken on to service the acquired partner's clients.
Kabul Bank, Afghanistan's largest bank, will be liquidated starting next month, as required by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to renew financial assistance to the country, Dow Jones has reported, citing a separate report by The Washington Post.
4) to hand over the documents of the liquidated company for keeping according to the procedure laid down in the Law on Archives;
The Drug Control Agency liquidated similar plantation of opium poppy a month ago, where 2,300 bushes weighting more than 28 kg were liquidated.
The locations that are closing have $50 million in inventory that will be liquidated by the same group of companies that ran the Circuit City liquidations.
More than 775 funds liquidated in the fourth quarter,
The bill revises the definition of "rental agreement" and defines the term "early termination fee." The bill also permits landlords to recover liquidated damages or early termination fees if they are provided for in the rental agreement.