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fueled by a liquid fuel

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A new fleet of liquid-fueled rocket engines has been tested by the Virgin Galactic.
It is predicted that the expendable two-stage, liquid-fueled rocket, called LauncherOne, could make its first flights as early as 2016.
In 1919, the Smithsonian published a paper by Goddard supposing that "extreme altitude"--space--could be reached by a multiple-stage liquid-fueled rocket.
In 1926, Goddard's first liquid-fueled creation flew, and it was a breakthrough moment ha science--for reasons that can be skipped here, liquid fuel promised a degree of power unthinkable for the fireworks-like rockets of the time.
The availability of a powerful liquid-fueled ICBM allows us the capability of creating a strategic high-accuracy weapons system with a conventional payload with practically global range, if the US does not pull back from its program for creating such missile systems," he said.
MOJAVE - A 10-employee firm trying to make rocket flight a business showed off the first liquid-fueled rocket plane to fly since the last NASA rocket plane more than 25 years ago.
Before Rutan took the EZ-Rocket up for its first flight in July, the last liquid-fueled rocket plane was the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's M-24B, which last flew in 1975 at Edwards Air Force Base, the XCOR developers say.
Second, liquid fuels have higher energy densities than gaseous alternatives, and liquid-fueled power systems will typically provide higher performance metrics to users.
The certification of the Rocketdyne RS-68 engine that will power Boeing's (NYSE:BA) new Delta IV launch vehicle brings to a close a remarkable development path for the first large liquid-fueled engine in the United States in nearly three decades.
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