liquid air

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air in a liquid state

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The report segments the Air Care market as: Global Air Care Market: By Product Type Spray/Aerosol Air Fresheners Electric Air Fresheners Car Air Fresheners Gel Air Fresheners Candle Air Fresheners Liquid Air Fresheners Others Air Fresheners Global Air Care Market: By Distribution Channel Retail Business to Business Global Air Care Market: By Geography North America U.
In Dearman's car, the liquid air is held in the beer keg before it flows into the engine.
Symbian specialist Liquid Air Lab today launched adtronic, the first purely ad-enabled mobile application store.
Batteries, liquid air freshener, plus flour used in the making of chapatti bread, all understood to have been bought from the prison shop, were uncovered in a search at the jail.
Take the weekend incident with the bottle of liquid air freshener and the wooden floor last Sunday.
The CO2 cryogenic technology was first introduced in the early 1980's when Van Thomsen, then of Liquid Air Corporation, together with the American Frozen Food Institute and Burlington Northern Railway built a working prototype railcar with a system whereby liquid CO2 is pumped into a bunker located in the top of the car where it turns into dry ice snow.
Bermel, Countryside, Illinois, both of Liquid Air Corp.
The plastic method for the manufacture of industrial pure nitrogen is the distillation of liquid air.
Liquid nitrogen, essentially liquid air, is cheap, easy to obtain, a much better coolant than helium and needs cooling to only 77 K, a much easier refrigeration technology.
Product coverage: Candle Air Fresheners, Car Air Fresheners, Electric Air Fresheners, Gel Air Fresheners, Liquid Air Fresheners, Other Air Care, Spray/Aerosol Air Fresheners.
The large-scale energy storage market, which has few technologies to choose from, has benefitted considerably from Highview Power Storage's liquid air energy storage (LAES) solution.
Seeking a bigger role in the energy storage sector, GE Oil & Gas inked a global licensing and collaboration agreement with Highview Power Storage, a UK supplier of large-scale liquid air energy storage systems.
Washington, Jan 27 ( ANI ): A London-based firm is developing an avant-garde engine that uses liquid air as main fuel.
Rooy's subject was aluminum; Frank Geruso, Sandy Hill Corp, covered iron; and William Zimmer, Liquid Air Co, talked about brass and bronze.
STOCKHOLM -- 24MAS, a global leader in mobile advertising and applications, has acquired Liquid Air Lab GmbH, the German company behind the hugely popular mobile radio app network Spodtronic.