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The little party trooped out of the restaurant and made their way to a corner of the lounge, where tables had already been prepared with coffee and liqueurs.
D'Artagnan will not have let slip an opportunity of drinking a glass of this liqueur, and at the same time leaving some trace of himself.
They went into the town and asked for two glasses of liqueur, at the counter -- as their friends must have done before them.
At first her complacency disturbed me, but gradually it became part of my life at two o'clock with the coffee, the cigarette, and the liqueur.
Above all, Mademoiselle Cormon sacrificed on the altar of her hopes three bottles of the famous liqueurs of Madame Amphoux, the most illustrious of all the distillers of the tropics,--a name very dear to gourmets.
Actually Madame Amphoux's liqueurs, which they only serve at the four church festivals
The faithful servant espoused his mistress's disappointment; he divined it, and he promptly carried away the liqueurs of Madame Amphoux, which were offered to a bachelor, and not to the husband of a Russian woman.
He ordered another liqueur brandy and gulped it down.
A mix of tequila with strawberry liqueur, the brand launched in 1993.
Lidl's expert spirits consultant and author of The Curious Bartender, Tristan Stephenson, has some tantalising ideas for how customers can explore delicious new uses for gin: "The Hortus Scottish Raspberry Gin Liqueur is wonderfully sweet, and so helps to emphasise the fruit flavours.
The liqueur category stalwarts have also been challenged by a number of factors.
The cordials category has tremendous diversity and tends to be a catch-all for anything that isn't a standard base spirit," says Cherie Koster, senior brand manager for St-Germain liqueur.
For example, Baileys B52 in which Baileys orange liqueur, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream liqueur are used as layers.
Limoncello Cake is made with Limoncello liqueur, lightly embellished with white chocolate pieces, infused with Limoncello glaze, and finished off with Limoncello-soaked crumb topping.
Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman on Friday expressed his dissatisfaction over the noncompliance of governmental machinery in regard to the closure of liqueur shops.