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perceiving what a person is saying by observing the movements of the lips

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The main aim of the Leslie Edwards Trust is to ensure that lipreading and communication skills are available to help as many hearing impaired people as possible.
"Are ye calling me nebulous?" she cried (or so my rudimentary lipreading skills tell me).
Previous studies involving simple sentences or single words have found that auditory brain areas are active during lipreading, said Satu Saalasti of Aalto University in Finland.
A LIPREADING class at Middlesbrough Deaf Centre has been saved from closure.
In the United States, deaf patients who use American Sign Language (ASL) typically communicate with their non-signing healthcare providers in one of two ways: in signed language (through an interpreter) or in English (by writing notes, lipreading, speaking, or a combination of these approaches).
A BIRMINGHAM MP is backing a hearing charity's call for more lipreading classes in the city.
They tried some lipreading techniques and British sign language, learned some interesting facts and presented ideas to Action for Hearing Loss staff to consider.
These individuals tend to rely on the visual channel for processing linguistic information through a sign language, lipreading, and/ or other means.
At yesterday's session in Conwy Business Centre, behind Cineworld in Llandudno Junction, Mrs Claydon, said: "The group will practice lipreading.
The interrelationships between the auditory and visual systems are not limited to lipreading. There is considerable evidence of overlap, both neuroanatomically and functionally.
THE Welsh Government yesterday announced more than pounds 200,000 in funding to train new lipreading tutors.
The 62-year-old also helped raise the profile of the charity's lipreading campaign.
ATHIS Canadian-American drama ran from 2002 to 2005 and told the real-life story of a deaf FBI agent employed for her lipreading skills.