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lipectomy (especially for cosmetic purposes) in which excess fatty tissue is removed from under the skin by suction

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Both families meet celebrity personal trainer Mark Anthony, go to a plus-size model shoot, watch a live liposuction operation and hear the pros and cons from women who have had it done, and discuss the reasons for their bad self-perception with a psychologist.
The clinic charges up to 2,850 euros ($3,900) for a breast implant, about three months' average wages for a Czech nurse, and up to 1,880 euros ($2,950), or twice the average wage, for liposuction treatment.
Vicki Belo and the Belo Medical Group introduced the 'tumescent liposuction' technique 28 years ago in the Philippines.
He added: "I can say that, having had liposuction myself, complications don't happen that often, but the "It's painful, you are in compression garments for six weeks.
A potential bonus is that the fat suctioned out can be used for a facial treatment at the same time of the liposuction procedure.
(23) However, this theory fails to explain cases with delayed symptom onset (>72 hours) after liposuction.
The aim of this study is to describe a simple method for avoiding the complications of liposuction. Hereby, we would like to present extracorporeal liposuction as an alternative method for lipofilling procedure that can also be applied to the face.
Illnesses that can lead to FES include fractures, pancreatitis and severe burns, but it can also be caused, more rarely, by procedures such as hip or knee replacements or liposuction.
[USA], Sep 26 (ANI): Ladies, you may want to rethink going under the knife as according to a recent study, liposuction puts you at the risk of developing a rare genetic condition that can lead to fat globules entering their lungs.
TAXPAYERS have footed a [euro]4.6million bill for more than 1,000 patients to get liposuction since 2009, figures revealed.
Summary: Investigators reject 'creative way to conduct liposuction' claims
While diet and exercise should always be your first defense against fat, when stubborn fat will not go away, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers Liposuction North Shore.
Brentwood, TN, October 06, 2016 --( NuBody Concepts, a Tennessee-based cosmetic surgery practice and leading liposuction provider, today kicked off a new initiative to join the fight against breast cancer.
Daniel Kaufman and Discreet Plastic Surgery in Brooklyn, NY has launched a new realm of liposuction procedures for patients living in and around Manhattan.